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Emergency Call 911 – For intuitive and efficient help in industrial accidents
In an emergency, can you be sure that your employees are fully aware of the emergency numbers of all control points and first responders? Is everybody soundly familiar with the rescue and escape plans and, when a large-scale industrial accident hits, can be sure that your employees are not at risk in other areas as well?
Emergency Surgery? No Problem!
The most important, expensive and critical area of any hospital is the operating theatre. At the same time, it is also the area that is affected the most when the hospital's organizational processes suffer shortcomings. Learn how to meet the challenges of frequent short-notice changes and help surgical teams be informed and assembled right on time.
Meet Your Guests' Requests Optimally
The comfort and well-being of guests is at the core of every hotel operation. Meet the high expectations and distribute an abundance of service jobs from hotel logistics systems to mobile service staff.
Use Case
Emergency Call 911 – For intuitive and efficient help in industrial accidents
Use Case
Assemble surgical teams for emergency surgeries
Use Case
Meet your guests' requests opimally

This is how DAKS is used

DAKS is highly versatile and designed for cross-industry application – not only in emergencies but also for drills and training situations and for routine communications task in your day-to-day operations. Click here for a variety of effective application scenarios.
Typical Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Optimally Prepared for Any Emergency

Assemble emergency teams — e.g. in a cardiac alarm

More Time for the Patient

Transmit nurse calls from call systems to mobile caregivers

Emergency Surgery? No problem!

Assemble surgical teams dynamically using broadcasts with an active and powerful "substitution arrangement"

Protected in Critical Situations at All Times

Accept and transfer deliberate or automatic personal alarms

More Quiet and Better Overview throughout the ICU

Support Mobile Workflows and Alert Nursing Staff in a Targeted Way

More Time for Individual Care in Nursing

Transmit nurse calls from call systems to mobile caregivers

Typical Applications in the Industry Sector

Working alone, but not left alone

Personal security at dangerous workplaces by means of deliberate and automatic alerting with locating of victims

Protection against hypothermia

Secure your employees in deep-freeze warehouses in compliance with the German DGUV through an alarm button, various automatic alarm functions and localization

Be Best Informed for a Professional Response

Alerting of emergency responders, staff and the public

Informed around the clock

Constantly updated messages notify concerned citizens of incidents and protective measures being taken

Prioritizing Alarms Correctly & Processing them Effectively

What Has to Be Done Where and How Important is It?

Create Smart and Continuous IoT Workflows

Route Data from IoT to the Right People, Easily and Reliably

Well Protected in Public Service

Call for help instantly and imperceptibly at workplaces that are exposed to the public

Typical Applications in the Utility Industry

Remedy Malfunctions Immediately

Alert the right on-call services to urgent malfunctions at the push of a single button

Construction work, extreme weather conditions but also other failures or breakdowns can lead to disruptions in the power supply network. To ensure reliable supply of electricity, gas and district heating to customs and citizens alike, it is in the very interest of any network provider to remedy such incidents as fast as possible.

Smart Organization of Query Management

Realize emergency hotlines and channel incoming calls to the right info announcements

The uninterrupted, fault-free provision of electricity, water, gas or district heating is the bedrock of the range of services that are provided by any public utilities and network provider. And yet we cannot safely exclude that construction work, extreme weather conditions, electrical overloads and other failures or breakdowns can indeed cause disturbances in the mains supply or disruptions along the various lines.

Typical Applications in the Hotel Industry

Ensure the Safety of Your Guests at All Times

Raise silent alarms and evacuate buildings by sectors

Safe and protected – this is how you want to feel to enjoy your stay at any hotel or resort. Therefore, ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of its guests and visitors is the core mandate of any hotel operation.

Meet Your Guests' Requests Optimally

Distribute service jobs from hotel logistics systems to mobile service staff

The comfort and well-being of guests and visitors is at the core of every hotel operation. 

Other Typical Applications

Emergency 911 – Bring the best help intuitively and efficiently in a sudden industrial accident!

DAKS-Eco helps you stick to your business' contingency plans and processes with full confidence