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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Emergency 911

Helping intuitively and efficiently and integrate all those responsible in cases of industrial emergencies

Emergency 911 – Bring the best help intuitively and efficiently in a sudden industrial accident!

DAKS-Eco helps you stick to your business' contingency plans and processes with full confidence

Even with the best of precautionary measures in place, the risk remains that an employee gets hurt in a work-related accident or that an abrupt occupational incident of a greater scope even affects several workforce members at once.

How do you make sure that organizational deficiencies in your business' operational contingency management plan do not produce perilous delays and slowdowns? How does your company's first responder know that a distressed co-worker has just called 911? And how are your company's other emergency responders and safety and security officers, all of whom are equally a vital part of your successful response capacity, brought into this crucial workflow? Is each and every one fully conversant with the rescue plans and does everybody know who needs to be alarmed and in which order? And can they apprehend, on the spot, when other company areas are also at risk and how to alert the exposed colleagues there?

Excerpt from German Accident-Prevention Regulation

Our Solution with DAKS

In an accident we automatically call the emergency number
A co-worker calls the emergency telephone number (e.g. 911). While DAKS-Eco immediately puts the alarm caller through to the reporting point, it automatically also calls every predefined responsible person (first responders, facility security, company management) and switches all together in a conference call.
In-house emergency responders react at once
The phone number of the distressed caller who dialed 911 is transferred directly and the company's in-house first responders access the scene of the accident without delay.
The emergency call center gets all necessary details
The rescue directing center initially gets the highest priority. Bypassing any routine introductory voice messages that might otherwise be played, it takes the emergency call directly and right off has the right to speak. In this way, it can find out first-hand from the distressed person what happened.
All in-house authorities are notified and can act accordingly
At this point, all other conference members are on listening-only. But when the rescue directing center hangs up, they automatically get the right to speak. Now the staff and those in charge can decide together on the internal measures that must be taken.

Your Benefits

Improve the overall safety of your employees
Rely on a guarantee of accessibility:
  • DAKS-Eco factors in not only the contact details of the various persons that must be reached, but also their individual priority hierarchies, proxy regulations and time profiles, as well as their preferred type of communication, e.g. if they are best reached over the phone, via email, by text message or announcement, or in a phone conference.
  • If you put DAKS to use for other company functions as well, broadcast processes can be suspended and "frozen" in support of the prioritized 911 emergency call scenario.
Take efficient action:
  • One emergency number dialed = all responders, helpers and persons in charge are alerted + all help processes are initiated!
  • If employees in other business areas are also at risk, the DAKS-Eco communications processes can alert them swiftly and effectively at the push of a button.
Bring about a marked and lasting increase in the level of your safety and security:
  • Through regular drills and exercises, your employees are confidently prepared for any emergency situation and feel safe and protected.
  • With DAKS-Eco, you get a fully detailed report on each and every process. This enables you to sustainably optimize your individual workflows.
You save costs
  • Minimize your company's risk of being held accountable for organizational failure – and attain this objective at modest capital expenditure!
  • Integrate DAKS into your business' other processes and workflows – from different alarm scenarios to building control management processes – to create better impact and higher value far above and beyond the original incentive.

Components Used

Module "Advanced Workflow"

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