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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Assemble Emergency Teams

In critical situations, e.g. a cardiac alarm, direct the right responders quickly to the emergency location

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Call Surgery Teams Dynamically

Use broadcasts with deputation hierarchies to call doctors to an emergency surgery, and instantly communicate the updated OR plan

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Transmit Nurse Calls

Direct nurse calls received from call systems to the mobile devices used by the caregivers, and establish voice communication

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Protect Persons at Risk

Use deliberate and automatic personal alarms with location, e.g. in psychiatric wards or emergency rooms

Protected in Critical Situations at All Times

Accept and transfer deliberate or automatic personal alarms

Violent assaults on  constitute a discernible phenomenon for which public awareness has increasingly risen over the past years – not least because of disturbing reports covered in the media.

Employees of healthcare facilities, such as caregivers, see themselves frequently exposed to an overall aggressive behaviour. This also includes occasional violent physical assaults. Especially professionals in psychiatric clinics, institutions for the handicapped, retirement or nursing homes, geriatric centers and emergency departments must constantly anticipate that sooner or later, a patient or one of their relatives will commit an act of violence onto them.

Employers have responsibilities and obligations with respect to the welfare of their workers and employees

It belongs therefore to the duties of responsible employers to take all measures necessary, not only to fulfill their legal requirements and regulations when it comes to the protection of their employees, but also to prevent all psychological stress this may entail. For this strain is apt to result in cost-intensive sick leave or even to force staff into giving up their profession altogether. The use of personal emergency handsets in combination with a powerful alarm system is optimally suited as safety precaution as well as for the practice of emergency procedures.

The Solution With DAKS

Staff in forensic psychiatry wards need special protection
The high aggression potential of some patients requires effective de-escalation strategies as well as structural, personnel and organisational security precautions. Nevertheless, it happens that employees are exposed to physical attacks, sometimes involving severe violence. In situations like these, personal protection, well-prepared emergency procedures and fast help are essential!
A single push of a button starts a complex help process
Employees, such as nursing staff, who come into contact with potentially dangerous patients wear a suitable communication terminal on their bodies. When an acute hazard situation arises, the wearer of the device can initiate a prepared emergency call via a user-friendly red alarm button, which DAKS automatically converts into various parallel processes.
The entire process is monitored at the control center
The alarm is routed to the control center, which can now monitor the entire process. In combination with suitable end devices, DAKS can also automatically activate their microphones. Thus, the control center can listen into the situation and also consult with the alarm activator through an optional hands-free function.
Helpers get information about location and type of incident
At the same time, the alarm initiator is located and his position is graphically displayed on the monitor of the control center including a building plan. An automatic broadcast call is started to a predefined helper group consisting of colleagues and security forces. Precise information about the person, location and type of incident is transmitted simultaneously and displayed as a message with the broadcast call. The person affected is also informed that help has been ordered and will arrive immediately.
Sensors protect even when the user is unable to call for help
If, for certain reasons, the person affected is (no longer) able to initiate an emergency call himself, appropriate personal emergency signal devices automatically detect up to ten typical signs of a hazard situation and pass these on to DAKS according to previously defined criteria. DAKS initiates suitable, precisely predefined alarm processes for every emergency due to specific movement patterns - from complete immobility or escape up to typical defensive movements - but also other triggers, such as a lying position or the loss of the device (signalled by a break-off contact).
The entire alarm process is documented
DAKS provides detailed logging of all alarm processes and thus supports the complete documentation of all emergency situations (and exercises) that have arisen. This makes the entire process evaluable and provides an effective basis for the optimization of processes, but also for legal certainty.

Your Benefits

Increase security for employees
  • Employees who have to do dangerous jobs unassistedly know that they can rely on the safe and detailed alerting with DAKS and that they can be sure of quick help in any case.
  • Employees are more satisfied and downtimes are reduced.
  • In addition, DAKS enables repeatable emergency exercises that can be automatically documented and thus optimally analysed. Thus DAKS ensures that the right helpers arrive at the right place at the right time.
Increase security for those responsible
  • As a certified personal alarm signal system (PNA, according to the German DIN VDE V 0825-1), DAKS-PNA supports the management in fulfilling their duty of care towards the employees and to ensure personal security in compliance with the German DGUV-112-139 (formerly BGR139) in accordance with labour law requirements.
  • This makes jobs more attractive and enhances the positive reputation of the institution.

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The DAKS operation is compatible with communications devices from various manufacturers. This gives you maximum freedom of choice for your own, fully-customized solutions.

Our special solution DAKS-PNA represents, in combination with designated personal emergency handsets, a genuine personal alarm system certified in keeping with the DIN VDE V 0825-1 regulation and consequently in full compliance with DGUV-112-139 (formerly BGR139).

How our customers use DAKS

Case studies: Benefit from the experience of numerous satisfied customers
With DAKSpro and DAKS Customized Operator, the Klinik Technik GmbH control center stays on top of every emergency or malfunction communications process safely and accurately.