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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Assemble Emergency Teams

In critical situations, e.g. a cardiac alarm, direct the right responders quickly to the emergency location

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Call Surgery Teams Dynamically

Use broadcasts with deputation hierarchies to call doctors to an emergency surgery, and instantly communicate the updated OR plan

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Transmit Nurse Calls

Direct nurse calls received from call systems to the mobile devices used by the caregivers, and establish voice communication

Protect Persons at Risk

Use deliberate and automatic personal alarms with location, e.g. in psychiatric wards or emergency rooms

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More Time for the Patient

Transmit nurse calls from call systems to mobile caregivers

The ultimate objective for any clinic and care-giving facility is to promote the health and well-being of its patients. However, the nursing service in particular is facing growing challenges: At care units used to fullest capacity, the everyday work life of most nursing staff is often characterized by highly demanding and time-consuming working conditions. Many activities have to be coordinated and handled with a great deal of documentation effort. In addition, nursing staff have to accept frequent interruptions in their workflow and at the same time meet the growing demands of patients and their relatives.

Create the time you need for your top priority

The constant tension resulting from this not only makes nursing work appear less attractive, it is also at the expense of one of the central aspects of nursing: human attention. But this is exactly what caregivers consider as the original motivation for their work: they understand their profession as a highly meaningful, helping activity, which focuses on people.

Relieving the workload of nursing staff, improving communication between them and the patients, simplifying work processes and creating more time for caring is therefore one of the priority areas for DAKS in the field of health care.

The Solution with DAKS

A patient activates the call button
Many reasons can cause a patient to make a nurse call by using the call button in his room or on his portable emergency call device. Not all of them require immediate action by the nurse. The call button is not only used for urgent requests, but also when a patient simply wishes to obtain some information or have a window opened.
DAKS directs the nurse call to the assigned nurse
Nurse Anna receives the nursing call on her mobile terminal. On the display, Nurse Anna can see from which patient the call originated. She only receives nursing calls from patients who are personally assigned to her. This reduces the total number of calls for each nurse and reduces the number of interruptions. If Nurse Anna is busy with an emergency and is therefore indispensable, she can reject an incoming nurse call and forward it to other nurses. When she accepts the call, the nurse call alarm stops for all other nurses. A green flashing corridor signal lamp indicates that a nurse is taking care of the nurse call.
Talking to the patient by telephone clarifies his needs
Without having to leave her current work place, Nurse Anna can establish a voice connection to the patient at the touch of a button - via a suitable room intercom or the telephone in the room. The dialogue with the patient helps her to evaluate the priority of the call and to decide whether an immediate interruption of her workflow is necessary. This allows Nurse Anna to save many trips and better organize her work. The patients receive an immediate response to their calls and feel looked after well. If the patient just wanted information and had his request answered by telephone, Nurse Anna can cancel the nurse call alarm right from her telephone device.
Nursing duties can be organized effectively
If the patient's request does not require an immediate reaction, but cannot be clarified by telephone either, Nurse Anna can "memorize" the nurse call on her device. The signal light continues to show a green flashing light indicating that a nurse has accepted the call. Nurse Anna can now complete her task in the appropriate time and subsequently look after her "memorized" nurse call. Should a preset time span be exceeded before her arrival at the "memorized" resident, the complete alarm will be restarted.
The entire alarm process is documented
DAKS provides a detailed logging of all broadcast calls triggered by the call system. The logging supports the documentation of nurse call processing and nursing activities and can be used as an effective and audit-proof basis for the evaluation and optimization of processes and nursing quality.

Your Benefits

The quality of nursing services increases
Good care takes time - above all time for personal attention. Relieving the nursing staff is the key to releasing this valuable time. Wherever DAKS effectively facilitates communication and work processes, nursing staff work more efficiently, reliably and thus more successfully and patients feel better looked after.
Relieving the strain on employees
  • Fewer and more relevant alarms for each nurse reduce the overall exposure to alarm signals.
  • Answering calls over the phone helps reduce walking distances and interruptions.
Satisfying the patients
  • The nursing staff can devote more time and attention to the individual patient.
  • Patients don't have to wait long for a reaction and feel better looked after.
Increasing efficiency and safety for those in charge
  • By relieving the workload, stress notices and staff absences due to illness can be reduced.
  • The overall nursing quality increases.

Components Used

Data interface
Serial or LAN-based, for nurse call system
Add-on function 'Call-back'

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