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Ensure Safety,
Maximize Comfort

Hospitality + DAKS

Whenever most sophisticated service and quality expectations from guests must be met, the communication may not fall behind the highest demands, either.

DAKS facilitates and accelerates a wide range of these tasks: Operating as a discreet helper in the background, it reliably transmits service orders to the proper targets, convenes internal briefings, monitors building technology systems, alerts and carries out targeted evacuations in an emergency.

DAKS enables outstanding quality of service and at the same time saves costs because its astonishingly broad range of application makes the installation of many other systems superfluous.

Provides safety and comfort in the hotel industry

Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Manage Service Jobs

Forward service orders from hotel logistics systems to mobile service staff

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Emergency Evacuation

Carry out targeted evacuation of buildings with individual segmentation, e.g. in a fire or bomb scare

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"A state-of-the-art, powerful alarm and evacuation system was clearly the objective as we planned the end-to-end solution which we were envisaging to enhance the comfort of and provide increased safety for our valued guests."
Claudia and Hans-Jörg Walther
Claudia and Hans-Jörg Walther
Managers of the Riffelalp Resort, Zermatt
Increase safety for guests
Unburden reception staff
Integrate all service departments
Notify conference attendees at the push of a button
React to the wishes of your guests most efficiently
Bring guests to safety quickly and calmly