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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Manage Service Jobs

Forward service orders from hotel logistics systems to mobile service staff

Emergency Evacuation

Carry out targeted evacuation of buildings with individual segmentation, e.g. in a fire or bomb scare

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Meet Your Guests' Requests Optimally

Distribute service jobs from hotel logistics systems to mobile service staff

The comfort and well-being of guests and visitors is at the core of every hotel operation. 

Especially when expectations regarding the quality of the service, the tidiness and the cleanliness of a hotel or resort are already very high to begin with, management will be especially anxious to satisfy every need and wish of its valued guests. At the same time, it is paramount that no client or customer in inconvenienced by the complex procedures that need to be carried out in the background to meet their requests.

An abundance of such tasks are handled every day by the hotel reception desk. While receptionists welcome new guests, check out departing guests and coordinate the luggage service, they also receive a multitude of individual service requests.

Targeted distribution of information

From a minibar that needs to be stocked up to an extra cot or valet parking service for a guest waiting outside - each of these jobs needs to be directed quickly and reliably to the right service staff, without ever disrupting the smooth running at the reception desk.

Our Solution

Depending on the way in which the hotel's service departments are organized, matching groups are mapped and preconfigured in DAKS, e.g. room service, housekeeping, stewarding, luggage service or technical support.

When a service request is received, all the receptionist needs to do is press a telephone key to select the matching service team and either be connected to the first member of that team to take the call, or leave a voice message and punch in the room number. DAKS automatically and intelligently calls all required staff members, autonomously handles the distribution of the service job and furnishes the punched-in room number to the team members as well. As soon as the service member who took the job is done, he or she can confirm via the handset and DAKS that this assignment has been completed.

This makes it for example possible to summon many helpers to the reception desk at the same time, e.g. when travel groups arrive and large amounts of luggage need to be taken to the different rooms quickly. Or housekeepers can be called to promptly remove soiling in the hotel lobby. Similarly, staff members of the food & beverages (F&B) department can be sent to a specific guest who has asked for a special beverage, service technicians can be commissioned with repair work, and members of the valet parking service can be ordered to fetch a guest's car from the hotel's parking spaces.

In the same way, DAKS is used in conference hotels to call predefined guest groups, e.g. to notify all conferees individually that a specific item on the agenda has been rescheduled and will now take place at a different time. Having to perform the tedious, error-prone and time-consuming calling of numerous individual persons at their various telephone numbers is a thing of the past.

Your Benefits

DAKS simplifies and accelerates your everyday service routines immensely and ensures professional and smooth running of your reception or help desk, especially when a multitude of different tasks need to be handled and delegated all at once.

The fact that DAKS enables you to immediately identify and reliably reach the right person to the job markedly improves not only the coordination of the various tasks, it also maximizes the cooperation between the different hotel departments that are involved. In addition, the user-friendly confirmation when an assigned job is done renders the completion of tasks more transparent. At the same time, when no confirmation is returned the system can automatically inform the responsible manager within a configured time span, or even alert that manager.

Furthermore, the logging of all processes - from the moment an order is placed until the completion message is received through DAKS - makes it possible to optimally analyze and evaluate the quality of all services rendered. Based on this information you can safeguard that your service standards are upheld and the quality of your service is maintained.

DAKS reduces your ongoing operational costs by mapping and automating a wide spectrum of communications tasks from your everyday hotel work routines. This increases the overall productivity of your staff, guides customer requests reliably to the right team members and raises the superior quality of the service of your hotel.

An outstanding quality of service is the figurehead of every excellent hotel. Your guests will be convinced, satisfied and eager to return!

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