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This is how DAKS is used

Informed around the clock

Constantly updated messages notify concerned citizens of incidents and protective measures being taken

Malfunctions or failures in large industrial plants, such as a chemical plant, carry an increased safety risk. In the event of fires, explosions or the release of hazardous substances, there is always a risk that the population will also be affected, e. g. if toxic gases escape and the surrounding neighbourhoods are threatened.. 

In such cases, current information must be provided to both internal and external parties affected. These should be accessible quickly, easily and across all media. Setting up a citizens hotline is therefore a popular use of the application module 'Info Telephone' to provide voice based information in an optimal way.

The Solution With DAKS

In case of an industrial incident, the citizens hotline is the first point of contact for affected residents
In the event of a malfunction in a chemical plant, toxic gases may escape and threaten surrounding neighborhoods. The installation of a citizens hotline with DAKS automates the information process for such publicly perceived events. This relieves the staff in the switchboards, who have to deal with a flood of calls and questions in such cases. Even if the hotline number was announced to all households in the surrounding neighbourhoods from the outset, the media will draw attention to the activation of the citizens hotline after a malfunction.
Citizens are specifically informed about the necessary security measures
All relevant information on the cause, hazard and duration of the accident can be recorded ad hoc by the safety officer or emergency manager as an announcement. Different announcements can be provided for internal and external callers. Individual neighborhoods can also obtain specific safety measures and behavioural rules that apply to them through a selection dialogue. In this way, as many people as possible can inform themselves about the event simultaneously, independently, specifically and as often as they wish, and find out what they should do for their own safety.
All affected parties are kept up to date
Immediately after a malfunction – depending on the complexity of the particular case – not all facts are always available. The announcement text can therefore be updated accordingly, depending on the development and information available. The residents and employees thus always remain up to date and receive all relevant information on the progress of the repair measures and when the incident is likely to be rectified.
In regular operation, prepared announcements are played back
After the malfunction has ended and in normal operation, a prepared greeting such as "There are currently no malfunctions" can be played. During normal operation, typical events or minor disturbances can also be perceived by the local residents without endangering them, such as strong noises, flaring of gases or odours, and cause concern. Announcements are also prepared for such recurring cases to inform and calm the citizens.
A suitable announcement profile can be called up for every situation
With a simple toggle between up to 9 different greeting profiles, the suitable prepared information is made available to the population. This switch-over can also be carried out by sensor or time-controlled, so that no manual operation is required for timely information in the case of regular events such as noisy maintenance work.

The citizens hotline can thus be used both for recurring enquiries in everyday life and to deal with a high number of questions in tense crisis situations.

Your Benefits

Increase security for employees and residents
  • With the application module' Info Telephone' all affected employees and residents are informed for their protection at the best possible level and taken seriously in their concerns.
  • Potential risks for neighbours and employees are reduced and anger as well as uncertainty on the part of the citizens are avoided.
  • By providing this service, companies demonstrate a sense of responsibility and neighbourliness.
Relieve employees in tense situations
  • Setting up a public telephone with DAKS reduces the workload of employees in your switchboards when incidents cause a high volume of calls from concerned citizens.
  • Extensive provision of information is also possible at any time of the day or night, even in times of low staffing of switchboards.
  • The lines of the police, fire brigade and rescue services are also kept free for emergencies and requests for assistance.

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