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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Working alone, but not left alone

Personal security at dangerous workplaces by means of deliberate and automatic alerting with locating of victims

Working alone with potential hazards is part of everyday life in many areas, for example for security personnel on night-time patrols, product and process controls in cold rooms, boilers or low-oxygen locations, or maintenance and cleaning work in confined containers.

If dangerous work is carried out by one person alone, the employer is obliged to ensure suitable technical and organisational personal safety precautions. The employers' liability insurance associations provide relevant guidelines to ensure that in an emergency the necessary assistance or rescue can be called and directed to the place of action in time.

In case of an increased hazard, the use of a Personal Alarm Signal System according to the German DGUV-112-139 (formerly BGR 139) is recommended or is even necessary in case of critical hazards. It must also be possible to trigger the chain of rescue if the injured person is unable to act and no one has noticed the accident.

The Solution With DAKS

The cleaning of confined containers is a dangerous job
Regular monitoring methods, e.g. by video, cannot be installed in confined containers such as tanks and silos. The job requires not only an oxygen and protective equipment, but also high concentration. Due to the risk of slipping, accidents can easily occur in which the affected person may lose consciousness. If a protective suit or oxygen tank is damaged, the situation can be life-threatening for the injured person.
A mobile device with sensors protects the employee
Workers with such dangerous cleaning jobs carry certain Wi-Fi/DECT terminals equipped with sensors. Position sensors trigger an alarm when the device is in a lying position for a predetermined period of time. Other sensors can cause alarms such as escape, panic, no-movement or tear-off alarms. In addition, the employee can deliberately set off an alarm via a red alarm button or be regularly asked for confirmation by means of pre-alarms. If this does not happen, an alarm is triggered.
DAKS triggers predefined alerting processes
If one of these different alarms occurs, DAKS triggers predefined alerting processes appropriate to the situation: It starts an automatic broadcast call to all predefined helpers and with a simultaneous locating process directs them directly to the injured person through a message displayed on the terminal. In addition, DAKS can establish a conversation with the affected person or connect all those involved in the rescue to a spontaneous emergency telephone conference.
The entire alerting process is documented
DAKS provides detailed logging of all alarm processes and thus supports the complete documentation of all emergency situations that have arisen. This makes the entire process evaluable and provides an effective basis for the optimization of processes, but also for legal certainty.

Your Benefits

Increase security for employees
  • Employees who have to do dangerous jobs unassistedly know that they can rely on the safe and detailed alerting with DAKS and that they can be sure of quick help in any case.
  • With DAKS, the emergency workflow can be practiced and thus optimally prepared. The logging of the entire alerting procedure makes the process evaluable and thus provides an effective basis for its optimization.
Increase security for those responsible
  • DAKS fulfils all regulations by the employers' liability insurance association and other industrial safety regulations by ensuring that the right helpers arrive at the right place at the right time.
  • This makes dangerous jobs more attractive and supports employers in their responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of their employees or contractors.
  • Security service providers, such as object protection, can also use this automated personal security system in combination with other monitoring systems to ensure redundant personal protection.

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