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Prevent, Protect,
Mobilize Quickly

Public Sector + DAKS

By nature, the work of public bodies affects many people. Little surprise then, that these bodies are routinely subject to critical scrutiny.

For this reason, DAKS is the system of choice in public agencies, schools and municipal utilities companies and any undertaking in which our system facilitates complex coordination tasks, provides protection for employees, handles elaborate alerting processes, and intelligently evacuates public buildings.

DAKS can be integrated seamlessly into any given infrastructure. It incorporates in a most cost-effectively way fire alarm systems and intercoms in elevators, door and building control systems as well as any communications end device.

Be it a crisis situation or an everyday routine job - DAKS provides greater safety and smooth operations everywhere throughout the public field.

A trusted partner for the public sector

Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Put Together Snow Clearing Teams

Deploy street cleaning and road maintenance quickly and flexibly - e.g. when heavy winter snows or black ice suddenly set in

Alarm Switching in Public Offices

Call for help instantly and imperceptibly at workplaces that are exposed to the public

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"We are now able to reach every single one of our 2,000 road maintenance staff in less than 10 minutes. When we compare this with the time that it used to take us, we can clearly see that the system has literally paid off already after its first use."
Mr. Hampel
Berliner Stadtreinigung
Mobilize Snow & Ice Control staff quickly and easily in a cold snap
Protect employees in public bodies and agencies
Put together fire department squads fast and easily in a fire
Increase overall safety in the justice sector
Protect and bring fast help to schools
Protect employees who work alone in social security, youth welfare and judicial authorities