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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Put Together Snow Clearing Teams

Deploy street cleaning and road maintenance quickly and flexibly - e.g. when heavy winter snows or black ice suddenly set in

Alarm Switching in Public Offices

Call for help instantly and imperceptibly at workplaces that are exposed to the public

Well Protected in Public Service

Call for help instantly and imperceptibly at workplaces that are exposed to the public

In many government agencies, such as employment agencies, social services and courts, employees in public workplaces are increasingly exposed to aggressive behaviour from angry customers, as regular media reports show. Particularly in situations such as individual conversations or interrogations, verbal conflicts often escalate into attacks with physical or psychological violence.

The range of aggressions extends from insults and intimidation attempts through vandalism to extreme forms such as threats or attacks with weapons - not without health consequences for those affected: Symptoms of stress, anxiety and loss of motivation cause more absences, impair productivity and generally deteriorate the working atmosphere. But material damage can also cause considerable costs and disrupt operational processes in the long term.

Managers of public authorities are therefore required to protect their administrative staff at work, by setting up secure workplaces and efficient alerting systems, regularly training employees and drawing up emergency plans. These safety measures include the installation of unobtrusive emergency call switches in the direct working area.

The Solution With DAKS

An employee triggers an alarm discreetly
If a customer conversation escalates from a normal discussion to verbal aggressions and threats, the affected employee triggers an alarm inconspicuously by clicking on a virtual alarm button on the desktop or using a predefined key combination - an action that the customer does not notice as it appears to be a normal work activity.
The colleagues in the neighbouring offices come to assist
The assigned colleagues in the surrounding offices receive the emergency call via DAKS on the desktop or are called on their telephones. They then can join in "as if by chance" to support the alarm trigger. Experience has shown that in many cases, the mere arrival of colleagues has the effect of de-escalating and thus mitigating risks.
The security service or the control centre also receive the alarm

With DAKS you can implement your individual emergency workflows!

In addition to the colleagues, the security service or the central control room can also receive the alarm including location information in order to keep an eye on the situation and intervene if necessary.
The entire alarm process is documented
DAKS provides detailed logging of all alarm processes and thus supports the complete documentation of all emergency situations within an authority. Incidents of violence can thus be effectively traced and dealt with.

Your Benefits

More security and sovereignty for employees and managers
  • The philosophy of mutual support among colleagues and the awareness of being able to avert a conflict in an uncomplicated and discreet manner at a very early stage gives employees security and promotes the working atmosphere and motivation.
  • DAKS supports the structural, technical and organizational strategies recommended by the police, professional association and threat managers in many areas: In addition to the alarm options in the immediate work environment outlined above, it maps effective alarm processes for each threat level.
More safety with improved preparation
  • Even in advance, DAKS can be used to prevent dangerous situations from arising in the first place. The alarm server reports if, for example, staff doors stand open and allow unauthorised persons to access secure employee areas or other protected zones.
  • Post-processing is part of preparation: Based on the complete documentation, incidents can be comprehensively followed up and processed.
  • Regular, close-to-reality exercises with DAKS at various levels, right up to building evacuation, help employees to act intuitively and correctly in difficult situations. Logging is the perfect basis for controlling and continuously improving processes.

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