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At the last MEDICA trade fair and World Forum for Medicine, our visitors were especially fascinated by...

Messaging that is fully integrated into all organizational processes - quickly and efficiently!

Select individual persons or large predefined target groups quickly and easily, and inform everyone with text messages – with the fundamental difference here being that this messaging is not just through one particular manufacturer's proprietary messenger, but simultaneously through a multitude of defined messaging protocols and established Enterprise communications systems.

In this way, Notifier-Pro enables a new messaging that spans platforms and brings together different and heterogeneous types of communications worlds - for a new dimension of mass notification!


Assign various communications destinations to each subscriber and enable the pertinent target groups to use the mixed media of many manufacturer formats. For best functionality: Every user can select a multitude of different communications media using a single application.
Messages are sent as text (SMS), email or via text-to-voice and many heterogeneous Enterprise-Messaging protocols to the various selected target groups and persons. This guarantees best reachability in a modern business and working environment.


Also, you can predefine any text messages that are needed frequently for your recurring workflows so that you can access them quickly, add to and dispatch them. This makes your own workflow even more efficient and swift.


DAKS Notifier-Pro helps you to effectively realize reliable communication workflows and processes You can start today to make the best possible use of the practical advantages of mass notification in all your business areas, and for the different information media you work with.

DAKS Notifier-Pro – available as DAKS-Pro Application starting in February 2017!