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This convenient all-in-one solution for caregivers and other deeply involved employees in mobile workplaces convinced our visitors at the MEDICA 2016.

Today, mobility is an integral part of modern work life. Having access to services through smart and flexible terminals has become increasingly vital for mobile workflows in the healthcare sector and many other industries.

Smartphones with specific apps – sometimes one device for private and professional use – can be a valid option. Yet they are not the appropriate answer in every situation. Often the businesses' demands for usability, availability, sturdiness and secure handling of sensitive data and information require other strategies.

DAKS-Communicator is a handy, robust communication device that can be worn on the body. With functions like audio messaging, text messaging, voice communication, variable alarms, and geolocation, it is optimally equipped for a wide range of professional mobile workflows.


Receive and read notifications without having to take the device into your hands: Messages appear on the convenient OLED-Display on the top or can be listened to via text-to-voice. Also operate messages with the help of comfortably accessible control keys.

Voice communication

The easy-to-use control keys also allow you to take calls and speak hands-free without disrupting your workflow.


Trigger alarms using the large red alarm buttons on each side of the device and be protected by automatic alarms, for example in a man-down or no-movement situation.


Activate the DAKS-Communicator WiFi or Beacon Geolocation, as needed – constantly or conditionally – and thus enable trespass alarms, for example when wearers enter or leave predetermined areas. DAKS then sends the appropriate alarms to the terminals of assigned employees or to a control center.

Areas of use for DAKS-Communicator:

  • Text and voice communication without disrupting workflows for caregivers, hotel service staff, service technicians and other deeply involved employees
  • Protecting visitors of hazardous industrial areas (Personal Security)
  • Wander protection in the healthcare sector
  • Protection for employees in critical areas of the healthcare sector (such as the psychiatric ward) and other industries in combination with a DAKS Personal Alarm Signal System (see DAKS-PNA)
  • As a mobile terminal for a Distributed Alarm System with DAKSmed

DAKS-Communicator will be ready for order in March 2017.