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From 30 to 31 March 2017, we at tetronik proudly hosted the annual SICUS Conference in our new training and conference rooms.

Approximately 40 guests attending from various business branches discussed trending topics such as digitalization and automation. During the conference, our DAKS scenarios "Multiplatform-Messaging with Notifier-Pro" and "Emergency Communication in the Age of Social Media", both of which deal with the automation of reliable and secure communication, attracted particularly strong interest.

With its many cross-sectoral and cross-industry mission scenarios, DAKS ensures that whenever exceptional incidents occur or operational or production disruptions must be met, you are optimally prepared to bring the best possible help efficiently, intuitively and quickly because all responsible responders and decision-makers are immediately integrated into the crisis response and contingency management plan. This effectively reduces the risk of a failure of organization which could easily lead to severe consequences or result in unmanageable communications processes.

Other current DAKS solutions particularly reflected the general outlook shared by the attendants – for example but not limited to the DAKS functions based on "OScAR Workflow Mass Notification with Unify Circuit" and the automated crisis communication in connection with critical infrastructures (CIP Implementation Plan).