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Last week, our partner Educe Mobile together with iGlobalTracking and tetronik presented various scenarios how DAKS improves the communications processes, safety and security at schools. This was a great occasion for us to focus especially on the particular needs and requirements that international schools experience. It was also an ideal venue to present, among other critical tools, the different ways in which DAKS effectively supports teachers and educators when they suddenly find themselves confronted with different alarm and emergency situations and need to react and respond immediately, but also appropriately. The presentations for example reached from a "Safe Haven" strategy for gun rampage or crazed action emergencies to an evacuation scenario in a fire. In addition, Kevin Lloyd of Educe Mobile presented the powerful DAKS Crisis Team Conference as well as a mobile service along with an own app to monitor and track school buses, and in doing so to increase the safety and security of students.

Please contact us to find out more about the many ways in which DAKS can significantly increase both the overall safety and the day-to-day communications processes in schools.