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At trade fairs and in our recent survey we asked our partners about the communications environments in which they deploy DAKS. Your feedback shows: Even now, DAKS is used in many different environments. Here is a list of your favourites: 

500px Unify logo.svg   500px Cisco logo.svg BLAU
Unify   Cisco
Mitel logo   innovaphone Logo RGB Fisch Claim
Mitel   innovaphone
NFON Logo englisch klein   500px Microsoft logo and wordmark.svg
NFON   Microsoft
500px Avaya.svg   500px Alcatel Lucent Logo.svg
Avaya   Alcatel Lucent

...and others.

Developing integration

Also, a more in-depth integration of DAKS in some of these communications environmens was requested. To implement your requirements, we have already completed several tests and intensified cooperations. We will keep you informed about all new options in our coming news. There, you may also find some interesting implementation examples of DAKS in heterogeneous environments.

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