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Versatility and modularity are two of the outstanding qualities of DAKS. This is the reason why most of our customers end up using their DAKS for much more than what it was initially intended for. They integrate alarms from various building sensors, protect staff, optimize daily business processes and more.

With your working conditions constantly changing and your demands growing, the possible applications for DAKS increase through continuous further developments. Thus at any time, DAKS serves you as a reliable automation expert and offers you ever new possibilities to design your processes to be more effective and safe.

With the Update Protection Key you always keep your DAKS up-to-date and benefit from the latest functionalities and improvements of the respecitve version. Furthermore, your DAKS can be complemented with new and innovative additional applications like the cross-platform messenger 'Notifer-Pro' – yet another facilitation of your work processes.

Take advantage of all the possibilities – you will find numerous inspiring examples of use on our industry-specific pages.

More about the Update Protection Key