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Innovaphone ZertifizierungDAKS stands for outstanding quality and also outstanding integration capability. It is our aim to continuously develop both of these. In doing so, we are consistently guided by the wishes of our partners and customers who use DAKS.

This has now resulted in an even deeper integration of DAKS into the communication environment of our partner innovaphone. In return, innovaphone has awarded DAKS the distinction of 'innovaphone referral product'.

What features does innovaphone support in conjunction with DAKS?

The innovaphone Virtual Appliance V11 and V12 are connected via the SIP protocol. In addition to the basic functionalities, the following special features, which are particularly suitable for alarm communication, are also supported:

  • Calling number and name as well as the alarm text are displayed during dial-up and in the connection state, and are also updated in case of a call forwarding. In this way, important text information such as the identity of the current connected party, the alarm type, and other additional information can be read also during an ongoing conversation.
  • Accept/Reject function at the press of a button
  • Special ringtone assignment for prioritized calls

Typical scenario: Integration of a call system in a hospital

A patient presses the nurse call button on his bed. DAKS then sends the call to the assigned nurse's mobile telephone terminal on the basis of an appropriate integration. On the display of her terminal device, she can see from which room and from which patient the call comes. She acknowledges the message positively and goes directly to her patient. However, should she be busy at the moment, the called nurse can also reject the assignment by pressing a button and forward it to a colleague. In this way, DAKS helps to optimize the communication processes of mobile workers.

With the efficiency-enhancing DAKS "talk-back" function, the called nurse can also accept calls from the patient's bedside directly as a phone call, provided this is supported by the call system used. In this case, a telephonic voice connection to the patient's bed is established additionally. The corresponding text messages remain visible also in the connection state and are transferred in case of a forwarding of the assignment. In this way, DAKS helps to better assess the urgency of calls and to avoid unnecessary ways through a direct operator integration.

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