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It was not the crowds of visitors from previous years. Instead, many in-depth technical discussions!

We took a lot of time for our customers and interested parties at the stand. And they appreciated this and gave us a lot of insight into their daily work, their challenges and requirements. Accordingly, our visitors were enthusiastic about the diverse DAKS solutions, which are developed so precisely and effectively for the customer's needs.

Topics in the context of 'Hospital 4.0' / digitization in the health care system were discussed, as well as solutions for everyday workflows and effective and secure processes in crisis situations. Due to the events of 2016 / 2017, the latter in particular does not only concern the general population, but also many people responsible for health care and campus security.

These were our highlights

Peter Euler gives a brief insight into the topic of disaster control in hospitals in an interview at the Unify stand. Detailed examples of this topic will also be available shortly on the tetronik website.

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The combination of 'DAKS/OScAR and artificial heart' shows how much digitization can support medicine for the benefit of patients, as we learn from Wolfgang Thronicke of C-LAB, an innovation lab of Atos Information Technology GmbH.

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Our stand visitors found our solution for reliable alarming with the smartphone particularly helpful for everyday hospital use. Silvio Nuara explains the strengths of the DAKS Mobile Client and the benefits for nursing staff.

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But also the effective and ingeniously simple implementation of everyday on-call duty services in hospitals with the DAKS application 'service-based telephony' was, as always, very well received. Peter Euler briefly outlines this topic as well.

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