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This year, a donation goes to the community foundation 'Bürgerstiftung Taunusstein' and will again be used for a youth project.

At the official handover of the cheque in the DAKS-Lounge at tetronik, the first chairman Gert Fischer and treasurer Uwe Löser of the Bürgerstiftung provided the two managing directors of tetronik GmbH with details on the intended use of the donation.

For example, the Taunusstein High School will finally be able to build a drinking water plant in order to relieve the highly strained backs of pupils. Books, working materials, sandwiches and water bottles quickly add up to several kilos of satchel weight - a burden that causes back pain and tension in many young people. Every kilogram of relief can help prevent permanent posture damage.


Die 'DAKS hilft helfen'-Weihnachtsspende geht an die Bürgerstiftung für ein Jugendprojekt
From left to right: Kerstin Marx-Kiesinger and Winfried Geutsch from tetronik, Gert Fischer, Gesine Diehl and Uwe Löser from Bürgerstiftung Taunusstein, Heiko Trapp from tetronik.

Activities between the Bürgerstiftung Taunusstein and tetronik GmbH have also existed in the past. "Regional support is important for the successful implementation of selected local projects," says Winfried Geutsch, one of the two managing directors. For this reason, tetronik likes to stay in close contact with the various organizations, not least by the tetronik employees themselves, who are involved in many social projects.

Die Spende geht an eine Taunussteiner Schule  Die Spende geht an eine Taunussteiner Schule

"There are many good initiatives in our region - this is particularly worthwhile", is how CEO Heiko Trapp confirms his enthusiasm for the drinking water project. Sufficient drinking promotes concentration, health and performance - characteristics that have a positive effect on later working life.