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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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With the application module 'Info Telephone', you turn DAKS-Pro into an intelligent multichannel announcement device. By using prerecorded announcements or by recording announcements on the fly, i.e. ad hoc, you can notify many subscribers at the same time. Also, you can call the server to play back live sessions.

This opens up a surprisingly broad spectrum of application possibilities in the most diverse industries, e. g.:

  • Implementation of a citizens hotline
  • Listening to previous broadcast calls - including repeated display text transmission
  • Information internal / external for citizens, employees & authorities in case of industrial incidents
  • Telephone-based announcements or event announcements, also dialogue-based
  • Information services for environmental and traffic information: floods, snow depths, traffic jams, etc.
  • Live transmission of meetings / works meetings by telephone

Find out more about the function and product details of the DAKS application module 'Info Telephone' in our brand-new product information flyer.

Download product info flyer

Informed Around the Clock


In critical situations, e. g. in an industrial incident, both internal and external affected parties must constantly be provided with current information. In this situation, the information should be available quickly, easily and across multiple media platforms.

The installation of a citizens hotline is therefore a a popular use of the application module 'Info Telephone', in order to provide voice based information optimally.
Learn more about the operation of the citizens hotline with DAKS in our new picture story.

View picture story "Citizens Hotline"

Could our Module of the Month Be of Interest to You?

We have again prepared a short checklist for our DAKS appication module 'Info Telephone'. This will give you a quick overview of whether this module could be of interest to you.

Do the Self-test

Want Even More Inspiration?

Then go ahead and prepare your coffee and pastries, because next week we will treat you to four entertaining mini stories all around the use of 'Info Telephone'.

Experience real everyday heroes from industry, healthcare, utilities and the public sector using this application module and get a comprehensive impression of what is possible with our DAKS module of the month.

*) What is the "DAKS Module of the Month"?

The DAKS Module of the Month is a new series of articles by tetronik for the whole year 2018.

Here we will be presenting one of the many practical application or extension modules for DAKS in detail. Get to know the various application possibilities of the individual DAKS modules and learn from tips, checklists and background information how you can work and communicate even more efficiently with these modules — in times of crisis as well as in day-to-day life.

You are already using DAKS? Then you have probably already been able to convince yourself of its efficiency, reliability and performance. Now complement your existing DAKS with modules tailored to your needs and benefit from many more possibilities to use DAKS in your company or organization — to save time, secure employees and customers, communicate better and make your overall work processes more efficient..