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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Last week we introduced our DAKS module of the month of February 'Info Telephone' and promised to inspire you further concerning the many application possibilities of this module for DAKS-Pro.

So, as promised, enjoy these four inspiring mini stories from such diverse sectors as industry, healthcare, utilities and public sector. Read how our likeable everyday heroes use 'Info Telephone' and get a comprehensive impression of what is possible with our DAKS module of the month.

When the light flashes, Sandro becomes curious


The noise level in production hall 15A is high. Sandro must wear hearing protection in this area and can only be alerted visually by a light signal in case of faults or important messages. However, he doesn't get more detailed information about the reason and type of the alarm. Due to the noisy environment, he also doesn't carry a telephone with him. Instead, a central telephone is placed at a soundproof location in the hall. So, if a malfunction triggers a broadcast call to him and his responsible colleagues, this call cannot be accepted directly.

'Listen to the most recent broadcasts' feature

The application module 'Info Telephone' provides employees such as Sandro with the latest broadcast announcements via a known telephone number. When Sandro becomes aware of a disturbance through the light signal, he goes to the stationary telephone and listens in to a maximum of five of the latest broadcast calls. In this way, he not only receives the most recent messages, but can also understand the alarm history or processing progress.

Melanie is under pressure – and forgot something important

Notaufnahme Hubschrauberlandung Pflegerin im Stress

After a major accident on the A7 motorway, things are very busy at the municipal hospital. Surgical nurse Melanie and several of her colleagues support the central emergency department in admitting the injured delivered by helicopters. As the next helicopter arrives, she receives a broadcast call to her portable telephone, requesting her for an emergency surgery. Surgery room number and type are shown on the display during the call, but she is distracted by an agitated mother looking for her daughter in the emergency room. Nurse Melanie quickly directs the mother to her colleague, but which operating theatre was she supposed to go to?

'Last broadcast call with display text' feature

With the application 'Info Telephone', nurse Melanie and her colleagues have been provided with a phone number that they can use to listen in to the latest broadcasts at any time. On her way out of the emergency room, she calls up the received broadcast call again – the corresponding display text is again transmitted to her mobile device and reliably directs her to her next task.

Dr. Hofmann never misses a board meeting

Vorstandssitzung Abgeordneter Auto

Too late! Dr. Hofmann drops into the back seat. The negotiations took longer than he had planned, but it was worth it. His driver speeds up: the vote will take place in two hours, and they will make it, but definitely miss the various talks before that. Dr. Hofmann dials a number on his mobile phone. He hears applause. The first speaker has just finished. He listens to the rest of the meeting live over his phone. When he arrives, he will be fully informed – from the back seat of his car, the laptop on his knees: The following media appearance still has to be prepared.

'Live Broadcast' feature

The application module 'Info Telephone' provides a phone number for establishing a live connection to connected audio inputs, e. g. microphones in meeting rooms or parliament rooms. That enables meeting participants to follow the presentations via a stable and high quality live broadcast even outside the meeting rooms in order to make qualified decisions.

The familiar voice on the phone

Stadtwerke Auskunfts Hotline

The utility company Stadtwerke Neuheim is "once bitten", so to speak,. A few years ago, their website was hacked and the telephone wires ran hot with angry and confused citizens. One thing, however, had been demonstrated by this event: The telephone seemed to be a trustworthy source of information for all citizens, young and old. The municipal utilities therefore decided to expand their information services with the help of the telephone, offering their clients a comprehensive and reliable source of information in addition to the Internet.

'Dialog-based announcement selection' feature

Through the help of the DAKS application module 'Info Telephone', the municipal utilities have set up a central information telephone number. Citizens calling this number are instructed by announcements to select different topics using specific keys. In this way, they can obtain the desired information, be it on electricity, water, gas or the next disposal dates for bulky waste. With the well-known telephone number and perhaps even a familiar voice, the Internet cannot compete with the telephone in terms of trustworthiness.

Interesting fact: Even cinema owners still rely on dialogue-guided telephone services to provide event information. By making information available in a customer-friendly manner through various media channels, more potential customers can be reached.

Further information about the application module 'Info Telephone'

Application module 'Info Telephone'

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Application example 'Citizens´ Hotline'