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Laptops, tablets, smartphones - since the Internet has become more and more mobile, many people use it daily for communication and information retrieval. We google or talk to virtual ladies named Siri, Alexa and the like. We call up company websites to find out about offers, company philosophy and contact details. And we are literally flooded with the latest news of all levels of importance. We communicate via email, text messages, chats and social networks while we stay mobile. Sounds good, doesn't it?

In view of this enormous offer of information and communication, the question may well arise: Why use the phone? And especially: Why still get information via telephone?

In fact, there is still a lot of telephone conversation in practice. It's quite clear that if communication is to be fast and efficient, you quickly reach your limits with texting - at least when messages seem to go back and forth endlessly. Moreover, legal regulations limit our use of the mobile Internet. For example, using the smartphone while driving is prohibited for sound reasons.

Using the telephone facilitates a lot of things and helps to communicate more efficiently. The telephone is therefore still very much appreciated for the gathering of information. And there are good reasons for this!

1. Security

Fake websites, phishing mails, hacker attacks - the variety of manipulative attacks on the Internet makes us realize time and again that the Internet is not always the absolutely reliable source of information that it superficially claims to be. The dialing of a trusted telephone number and the well-known voice of long-time employees is a different level of security.

As mentioned above, the safety aspect also includes the mobile use of communication devices in cars - Don't text and drive! Rely on the audio channel and use the time you spend driving much more effectively, for example for telephone conferences or simply acquiring information by phone!

2. Connection Quality

On the move by car or train? No working WLAN far and wide? The website doesn't load? While the quality of the connection in mobile use is subject to frequent fluctuations for various reasons, telephony is generally characterised by a rather stable connection. So when things are not moving forward on the Internet, we are happy to be able to use the "good old" telephone.

3. Swiftness and Effectiveness

As with the above-mentioned communication, also the acquisition of information by telephone can be much faster and more effective. How long does it sometimes take us to actually find the information we are looking for on a website, despite the search function? If there is a separate web link for each topic, we quickly lose the overview. And when calling up the internal intranet, the detour via a required log-in makes it even more difficult to access the required data and information.

An info telephone, which provides certain telephone numbers for different topics, delivers the desired answers promptly and specifically. Of course, the efficient creation of messages can also be done simply by telephone or with a prepared voice recording!

4. Coverage

Well, now from the perspective of the information provider: Interested parties can come from all segments of the population, with different media preferences and experiences. Therefore, if you want to reach as many of your prospective customers as possible, you have to make information available in a customer-friendly way through various media channels.


Don't just consider the Internet, but also deliberately include communication and information procurement via telephone in your planning.

The Info Telephone is the ideal medium for providing qualified information to a defined target group simply, effectively and reliably. Whether as part of a broad media offering or - where appropriate - as the only source of information. After all, really every child can make a phone call.

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