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Corona Crisis – We have your back!
Corona Crisis – We have your back!
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules of the Month
DAKS Modules of the Month
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sitting in the central control room of a large shopping mall. Around you: several screens, ringing phones, flashing lights. Suddenly an alarm message arrives: At the barbecue restaurant in the groundfloor a kitchen device is burning. What are your tasks now?

Call the fire brigade, send security forces to the site, evacuate customers and employees, call in technicians for troubleshooting and recommissioning of several technical systems afterwards, warn other shops in the affected area and inform all decision-makers and those responsible in the administrative department. It goes without saying that all this should be accomplished within seconds!

And now please imagine you had a screen in front of you with the building's floor plan on it. Just by selecting the affected area and the "fire alarm" scenario with two simple, intuitive clicks you could have done all the tasks described above. Wouldn't that be incredibly calming?

Then let us introduce to you our DAKS module of the month of March: 'DAKS Customized Operator'...

DAKS Customized Operator - intuitive and secure alertingMy friends also call me 'DCO'

With DCO for DAKS-Pro you can design individual user interfaces and visualize alarm processes in a vivid way. Help your employees to trigger important processes intuitively, error-free and efficiently with graphically displayed alarm processes, especially in tense situations.

Find out more about the function and product details of the DAKS extension module 'DAKS Customized Oerator' on the DCO product page or in our product information flyer.

Download Product Info Flyer

Could our Module of the Month Be of Interest to You?

We have again prepared a short checklist for our DAKS extension module 'DAKS Customized Operator'. This will give you a quick overview of whether this module could be of interest to you.

Do the Self-test

*) What is the "DAKS Module of the Month"?

The DAKS Module of the Month is a new series of articles by tetronik for the whole year 2018.

Here we will be presenting one of the many practical application or extension modules for DAKS in detail. Get to know the various application possibilities of the individual DAKS modules and learn from tips, checklists and background information how you can work and communicate even more efficiently with these modules — in times of crisis as well as in day-to-day life.

You are already using DAKS? Then you have probably already been able to convince yourself of its efficiency, reliability and performance. Now complement your existing DAKS with modules tailored to your needs and benefit from many more possibilities to use DAKS in your company or organization — to save time, secure employees and customers, communicate better and make your overall work processes more efficient..