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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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On Friday, May 4, 2018, the information technology and electrical engineering department of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences celebrated its graduates at the civic hall in Rüsselsheim. Until midnight, the 38 graduates celebrated their degree at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden Rüsselsheim and received their personalized engineering rings, including tetronik employees Suzana Tutic (Bachelor degree) and Oliver Genschka (Master degree).

Die tetronik-Absolventen der Hochschule RheinMain    Preisverleihung an Suzana Tutic

At this event, our software developer Suzana Tutic was also awarded this year's Friedrich Dessauer Foundation Prize by the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and the VDE Rhein-Main for the best bachelor thesis in electrical engineering. In his laudation, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Heinrich Hofmann honoured Suzana Tutic's outstanding achievements both in the technical-scientific field and in the context of her social commitment.

tetronik congratulates the graduates

tetronik joined in the congratulations and contributed a few words of appreciation to Suzana Tutic's job entry. Winfried Geutsch, Managing Director of tetronik, also emphasised the good and confidential cooperation between tetronik and the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences since 1996 - tetronik has already employed seven graduates!

Dr. Karl Heinrich Hofmann, professor in the field of transmission technology, also emphasised the importance of cooperation between the university and companies which put what has been learned and researched into practice. Professor Dr. Detlev Reymann, President of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, expressed his hope for graduates to retain not only their acquired expertise but also their moral standards and thus develop responsible technical solutions.

Winfried Geutsch, Karl Heinrich Hofmann, Suzana Tutic, Jürgen Vorreiter (VDE Rhein-Main e.V.)