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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Our DAKS Module of the Month 'Call Profiles' is all about access and reachability. But...

What constitutes a good reachability?

  • That every call is answered?
  • That callers sometimes hear an announcement?
  • That a caller always reaches a qualified, competent contact person?
  • That a caller can reach a specific person at any time?
  • That only certain callers reach a contact?
  • That employees have to carry several devices with them all the time or have to stay close to them?
  • That employees have to take all calls?

Not all of these potential criteria really contribute to a well-functioning accessibility. Looking more closely, several detailed conditions often need to be linked together to ensure that access performance is satisfactory and acceptable to both callers and those called. "Reachability fine-tuning" so to speak. This is exactly what our Module of the Month 'Call Profiles' does!

Call Profiles für service hotlines

Service hotlines, e.g. for municipal utilities, can use the 'Call Profiles' application module to direct their callers directly to the desired customer department, such as electricity, water, waste disposal, etc., either via an extension number or via dialogue. While the customer only dials one extension (or a specific service number known to him), all members of the corresponding customer service team are called simultaneously. The team member who answers first gets the call. Regardless of how busy the service team is or how far the team members are currently distributed - a service member is always available for the customer. High-priority calls, such as reports of gas supply problems, can interrupt less important activities to enable immediate access to those responsible.

Thus, the customer always reaches the right contact person for his request quickly. In very urgent cases access is additionally increased.

Call Profiles for on-call services

Many customer services organize their service teams like this: While during office hours a higher number of service agents is available, only a few on-call agents are on duty outside of these hours. The changeover from business to standby times can take place automatically with DAKS.

The person on call is also automatically reached by the same hotline or extension number. If several devices are used (stationary, DECT, mobile), DAKS calls these either sequentially or via an "Active Number" directly on the device currently in use. In this way, on-call staff remain mobile and reliably accessible for hotline callers at the same time.

Call Profiles for VIPs and executives

Decision makers, managing directors, board members, VIPs, executives in different areas - when it comes to important decisions, those responsible must be reached quickly and reliably. For this purpose, the application module 'Call Profiles' for DAKSpro provides a "Call Screening": Up to 20 caller identities with up to 9 priority levels can be individually authorised to reach a specific person. All other, not or less authorized users may either receive an announcement, a busy signal, or are forwarded to a specific alternative call destination (e.g. a personal assistant).

Stempel Modul des Monats Anwahlprofile ENDAKS Desktop Client – all the most important information at a glance!

More information about the application module 'Call Profiles' can be found here:

To the 'Call Profiles' product page

Download 'Call Profiles' product info flyer

Could our Module of the Month Be of Interest to You?

We have again prepared a short checklist for our DAKS extension module 'DAKS Desktop Cient'. This will give you a quick overview of whether this module could be of interest to you.

Do the self-test

*) What is the "DAKS Module of the Month"?

The DAKS Module of the Month is a new series of articles by tetronik for the whole year 2018.

Here we will be presenting one of the many practical application or extension modules for DAKS in detail. Get to know the various application possibilities of the individual DAKS modules and learn from tips, checklists and background information how you can work and communicate even more efficiently with these modules — in times of crisis as well as in day-to-day life.

You are already using DAKS? Then you have probably already been able to convince yourself of its efficiency, reliability and performance. Now complement your existing DAKS with modules tailored to your needs and benefit from many more possibilities to use DAKS in your company or organization — to save time, secure employees and customers, communicate better and make your overall work processes more efficient..