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Production processes, security patrols or workflows in a psychiatric ward – whenever work areas or assignments are potentially dangerous for employees, employers must take appropriate safety precautions. In some areas and especially for lone workplaces, these are often even regulated by law. DAKS offers suitable personal protection solutions to meet those specific requirements.

When personal alarm signal systems are legally required

For certain lone workers doing dangerous jobs, e.g. logistics tasks in deep-freeze warehouses, or for nursing staff in psychiatric clinics, they are mandatory: so-called "personal alarm signal systems". They are devices approved pursuant to the German DIN VDE V 0825-1 for triggering and transmitting deliberate and automatic alarm signals in emergencies. Only these devices may be used to protect lone workers when carrying out dangerous work in accordance with regulation 112-139 of the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association (DGUV), still better known under the term BGR-139.

The DAKS Personal Alarm Signal System (type designation: DAKS-PNA P8M3), and all its specific components, is available as a DGUV-certified personal alarm signal system for the protection of lone workers. Find out more about the components and performance features on our DAKS PNA product page.

When you are looking for more flexibility

Even in areas where personal alarm signal systems are not required by the law, the protection of sole workers is necessary and conscientious employers wish to protect their employees effectively and reliably. As an alternative to DAKS-PNA, the DAKS application module 'Personal Security' for DAKSpro is available for this purpose. This allows you to combine other telephone systems and any other terminal devices - the performance scope of the solution therefore depends on the components chosen. As always, you can rely on the dependable, structured and targeted alerting with DAKS.


DAKS Personal Security secures employess in dangerous work surroundings

Personal Security with DAKS – Quick Explanation

Watch our short video to learn how easy and effective personal security can be with DAKS.

Watch video

Also, watch some of our everyday heroes doing their work in our two latest picture stories. Read how DAKS-PNA and the DAKS application module 'Personal Security' are used in healthcare and industry:

To the application example healthcare: "Protected in critical situations at all times"

To the application example industry: "Working alone, but not left alone"

DAKS Personal Security – all the most important information at a glance

More information about DAKS + Personal Security can be found here:

To product page "Personal Security"

Download Product Info Flyer "Personal Security"

To product page "DAKS-PNA"

Download Product Info Flyer "DAKS PNA"

"Deliberate / automatic" – what does that actually mean?

A "deliberate" alarm is triggered, for example, by intentionally pressing the emergency button of a terminal device. This enables employees to request help if they perceive a potentially dangerous situation..

However, if the wearer of such a device is no longer able to trigger an alarm, for example because he is injured, unconscious or trying to escape, the device sensors themselves can start alarms. In this case we use the term "automatic alarm". Appropriate terminal devices, so-called personal alarm signal devices, detect various states:

  • Lying position beyond a certain period of time
  • Fast movements that indicate escape or combat
  • Loss or snatch by a tear-off contact
  • and much more

Application module 'Personal Security' or DAKS Personal Alarm Signal System – which solution is right for you?

You would like to secure your lone workers in hazardous work situations? Whether you need to use a certified personal alarm signal system or the application module 'Personal Security' for DAKSpro is the right solution to meet your requirements also depends on the risk level. The German DGUV offers a detailed guide that helps you to correctly assess the risk levels of your work areas (only available in German).

DGUV-Guideline for the use of personal alarm signal systmes


*) What is the "DAKS Module of the Month"?

The DAKS Module of the Month is a new series of articles by tetronik for the whole year 2018.

Here we will be presenting one of the many practical application or extension modules for DAKS in detail. Get to know the various application possibilities of the individual DAKS modules and learn from tips, checklists and background information how you can work and communicate even more efficiently with these modules — in times of crisis as well as in day-to-day life.

You are already using DAKS? Then you have probably already been able to convince yourself of its efficiency, reliability and performance. Now complement your existing DAKS with modules tailored to your needs and benefit from many more possibilities to use DAKS in your company or organization — to save time, secure employees and customers, communicate better and make your overall work processes more efficient.. 

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Self-test for the Module of the Month of January

The DAKS function module 'Email Dispatch' could be interesting for you if...

  • you want to ensure that a broadcast call information reaches certain subscribers in any event — regardless of whether they were able to actively accept the call or not.
  • you want recipients who have already positively acknowledged a broadcast call to be able to retrieve the content of the call at any later time, e.g. in the case of longer texts or more complex detailed information.
  • you would like to have the ability to provide one or more responsible persons with the most important broadcast results in a short email summary, e.g. to ensure that an important task has been taken over.
  • you want one or more persons responsible to receive a complete broadcast call log automatically, e.g. for documentation purposes.

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the 'Email Dispatch' extension can already pay off for you!

Contact your local dealer and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows thanks to DAKS!

Self-test for the Module of the Month of February

The DAKS application module 'Info Telephone' could be interesting for you if...

  • You regularly have to cope with a high volume of calls in certain situations or events on a regular basis in order to answer mainly similar questions (e. g. to keep informed about the current state of traffic, weather or troubleshooting).
  • You need the ability to make different announcements available to internal and external callers in the same situation.
  • You generally want to enable your callers to listen to more than one announcement, even through a selection dialogue. E. g. program notes, message progressions or messages on various topics.
  • You want to enable callers to listen to previous broadcasts again - including repeated display text transmission.
  • You want to prepare recurring announcements and store them for regular use, e. g."No incident","Incident","Lunch break", etc.
  • You want to play different announcements with time-controlled settings.
  • You also want to record and play back current announcements ad hoc.
  • You want to enable live broadcasts by telephone, e. g. conferences, works meetings and board meetings.
  • You generally want to provide audio sources via a telephone number, e. g. microphones, radio stations, etc.

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the 'Email Dispatch' extension can already pay off for you!!

Contact your local dealer and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows thanks to DAKS!

Self-test for the Module of the Month of March

The DAKS extension module 'DAKS Customized Operator' could be interesting for you if...

  • You have to trigger complex procedures in case of an incident, e. g. several broadcast calls at the same time with different combinations of announcements.
  • You want to trigger processes quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.
  • Due to the high importance of incidents in your company, they often lead to tense situations in which errors could occur.
  • You want to support your employees to fulfil their tasks in a responsible manner through intuitive and safe operation.
  • You want to design user interfaces according to your own requirements, e. g. industry-specific or subject-specific optics for better identification with the operation.
  • You want to display graphical elements such as site plans or floor plans on your user interfaces.
  • You want to perform regular exercises with DAKS even more comfortably.
  • You have to adapt processes frequently, e. g. as a result of process optimization or changing conditions

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the 'DAKS Customized Operator' extension can already pay off for you!!

Contact your local dealer and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows thanks to DAKS!

Self-test for the Module of the Month of April

The DAKS extension module 'DAKS Desktop Client' could be interesting for you if...

  • You have workstations with customer contact / public traffic in your company / organisation. (e.g. public authorities, citizens' offices, job centres, financial institutions, shopping facilities, emergency rooms, gateways or reception areas)
  • You need a particularly discreet alarm option, e.g. to have colleagues join you in escalating customer conversations "as if coincidentally" without offending the customer with an obvious alarm trigger.
  • You are looking for an alternative or supplement to physical emergency buttons - levers or pedals, e.g. because they are too conspicuous, impractical, disturbing or for other reasons insufficient.
  • You prefer an easy to implement emergency button solution and want or need to avoid additional cabling and connection installations.
  • You want to direct the alarm of an employee to colleagues in neighbouring offices, both to their phones and to the screens, including exact information on where the person asking for help is located.
  • You value detailed logging of all alarm processes, e.g. in order to use these as evidence for criminal proceedings against violent offenders in escalated cases.

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the 'DAKS Desktop Client' extension can already pay off for you!

Contact your local dealer and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows thanks to DAKS!

Self-test for the Module of the Month of May

The DAKS application module 'Call Profiles' could be interesting for you if...

  • You offer service, information or other (also internal) hotlines.
  • You have arranged on-call services in your company/organization.
  • You or your employees should be reachable on several terminals with just one number, e.g. for better mobility, "flexible offices", etc.
  • Certain phone numbers should only be reached by predefined, authorized users, e.g. for VIPs, decision-makers, etc.

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the application module 'Call Profiles' can already pay off for you!

Contact your local dealer and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows thanks to DAKS!

Self-test for the DAKS module of the month of August

The DAKS application module 'Conferencing' is just what you are looking for if...

  • You need to regularly bring together and confer with people that are physically located at different sites (e.g. a head office and its branches).
  • You need to routinely confer with different people that, although they all work at the same place, operate in different mobile job environments and do not necessarily need to interrupt their workflow (e.g. morning briefing in hotels).
  • You want that conferences between predefined members start fully automatically, triggered e.g. by the time of the day, through error messages, by pressing an alarm button, or at the simple click of the mouse.
  • You have frequently experienced connection losses among conferees.
  • You want to apply crisis and emergency conferencing, and all calls that have a lower priority shall automatically be interrupted so that important members are switched to this time-critical process.
  • You want to have the option to configure your own customized telephone conferences with many detailed settings and parameters to best match your specific application scenarios.
  • You require very secure telephone conferencing for your sensitive and confidential subject matters.

If you answered just one of these bullet items with yes, the application module 'Conferencing' will already pay off for you!

Contact your sales agent and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows with DAKS!

Self-test for the Module of the Month of November

The DAKS application module 'Gateway' might be interesting for you, if...

  • you are using a VoIP-based subsystem in your company/organization.
  • you want to enable calls between subordinate networks (e.g. VoIP-based subsystems) and your normal PBX.
  • you want to enable calls between SIP-based call stations and your normal telephone system.
  • you want to integrate secondary networks / subsystems and SIP-based devices into your alarm processes in order to integrate your entire communications infrastructure into your alerting strategy.

If you can agree with even one of the above statements, the application module 'Gateway' might already pay for itself!

Contact your dealer and benefit from even more efficient and reliable workflows in the future thanks to DAKS!