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Corona Crisis – We have your back!
Corona Crisis – We have your back!
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules of the Month
DAKS Modules of the Month
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We all love messaging! It is a comfortable and extremely effective tool when an information must reach many recipients quickly. Simply type in your text, select all desired recipients and click 'Send' – done!

Especially when we don't need feedback on our message and also when we want to reach large numbers of recipients quickly, text messages are the means of choice: "fire & forget"! 

Effective communication also means using the right medium for the task at hand.

"No problem", you may think. Simply select the suitable communication medium for your purposes and get started. But that's when you start running into limitations: Given today's media diversity, your recipients may use and prefer very different media and platforms – depending on their workflow or company requirements. To ensure that you reach everyone, you may be forced to adapt to your recipients' preferred communication channels, communicate repeatedly by different means and lose much of your effectiveness in the process.

Messaging without Limitations

So funktioniert Messaging mit DAKS Notifier-ProDAKS enables communication via a wide variety of different channels: Telephony, emails, voice and text messaging on stationary and mobile devices – this is one of its distinctive strengths!

The DAKS messaging interface 'Notifier-Pro' overcomes compatibility limits and makes your messaging even more effective and easier for cross-platform use.

The DAKSpro messaging application 'Notifier-Pro' is not restricted to act only as a manufacturer-specific, proprietary messenger, as is commonly the case, but rather works across different defined messaging protocols and well-established enterprise communication systems.

Messaging with the DAKS Application Module 'Notifier-Pro' is That Easy

This means that by sending a single message using 'Notifier-Pro' you can reach all your recipients simultaneously – regardless of which communication medium they prefer.

  1. Use the subscribers stored in DAKS or predefined target groups. Select individual persons and entire groups as addressees for your message.

  2. Select the desired communication media for your recipients – also mixed within groups.

  3. Enter your message or select one from a list of prepared text messages stored for frequently used applications.

  4. Press "Send"! DAKS distributes your messages via all the different communication channels and media. Done!


With Notifier-Pro you can integrate messaging and the advantages of mass notification into your business processes for...

  • better accessibility in modern media diversity

  • simpler and faster workflows

  • more effective communication processes

Use 'Notifier-Pro' also as a digital "bulletin board" for shift exchange requests, appointment changes, document requests, the canteen menu, and many more applications – it has never been easier to distribute information to all relevant parties!


DAKS Personal Security – The Most Important Information at a Glance

Convenient messaging without limitations w/ the DAKS application module 'Notifier-Pro'More information about DAKS + Messaging can be found here:

To the "Notifier-Pro" product page

Download the "Notifier-Pro" product info flyer

Watch the "Notifier-Pro" video


Could Our Module of the Month be Interesting for You?

What challenges do you experience through the variety of communication media in your work environment?

Are your infrastructures and processes already adapted to it?

Take a self-test in the form of our short survey! This will give you a quick overview of whether this module might be of interest to you.

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What is the "DAKS Module of the Month"?

The 'DAKS Module of the Month' is a series of articles by tetronik over the course of the entire year 2018.

Each month, we showcase in detail one of the many practical application or extension modules for DAKS. Get to know the various application possibilities of the individual DAKS modules and learn from tips, tricks and facts how you can work and communicate even more effectively using these modules – in a crisis as well as in everyday life.

Already using DAKS? Then you probably have already been able to convince yourself of its efficiency and reliability. Complement your DAKS with modules tailored to your needs and benefit from many more possibilities for how you can use DAKS in your company/organization – to save time, protect employees and customers, communicate better and improve your workflows.