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Automated announcements relieve hotline staff of a lot of work. Among other things, because repetitive information can be passed on to callers before the call is put through. However, if callers have to dial the hotline number very often, listening to the same message over and over can be quite annoying.

The DAKS Module of the month of October 'Intelligent Calling' offers the possibility to handle incoming calls individually. For example, for caller numbers or number roots registered in a "whitelist", the preceding announcements can be omitted and the callers can be forwarded directly. Reserve the advantages of such preferential treatment for your registered customers.

Filtering caller numbers with the application module 'Intelligent Calling' offers even more applications: The called person can also receive an announcement for incoming calls from certain numbers and thus take calls pre-informed. Moreover, important calls, such as high-priority calls, can be put through by disconnecting other calls.

Get a quick overview of this versatile DAKS module with our short video clip.

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Stempel Modul des Monats Intelligent Calling EN

DAKS Intelligent Calling – A quick overview of the most important features

Want to learn more about DAKS + Intelligent Calling? Click here:

To our product page 'Intelligent Calling'

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*) What is the "DAKS Module of the Month"?

The DAKS Module of the Month is a new series of articles by tetronik for the whole year 2018.

Here we will be presenting one of the many practical application or extension modules for DAKS in detail. Get to know the various application possibilities of the individual DAKS modules and learn from tips, checklists and background information how you can work and communicate even more efficiently with these modules — in times of crisis as well as in day-to-day life.

You are already using DAKS? Then you have probably already been able to convince yourself of its efficiency, reliability and performance. Now complement your existing DAKS with modules tailored to your needs and benefit from many more possibilities to use DAKS in your company or organization — to save time, secure employees and customers, communicate better and make your overall work processes more efficient..