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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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In its current issue, Telecom Handel, the trade journal for telecommunications, estimates the prospects for the alarm server market to be extremely favourable. The reason for this is the digital revolution: 

"Especially in the months and years to come, 
in which more and more companies are digitizing processes, 
alarm servers can be integrated into IoT or M2M projects, 
for a quick response to anomalies or emergencies."

Also, new possibilities in data transmission could accelerate the spread of alarm servers.

Digitalization thought ahead

DAKS Mobile Client – alarm processes via smartphoneAs one of the most important alarm server manufacturers, tetronik undoubtedly has the greatest wealth of experience in this field. Already 25 years ago, the Taunusstein company developed the digital alarm and communication server - DAKS - a digitization/automation concept that serves as the foundation stone for today's alarm server solutions. Continuous further developments ensure that new technologies, such as smartphones, can be integrated into alarm processes. The DAKS Smartphone App "DAKS Mobile Client" [inline link to DMC product page] with useful functionalities such as emergency alarming, localization and automatic alarms is also mentioned. 

Staff safety

Beside the classic use of alarm servers as emergency process organization or process optimization in daily business, 'Telecom Handel' editor Waltraud Ritzer emphasizes another application scenario: personal security. Here, too, there is a growing need due to workforce reductions. In certain areas, so-called lone workers must be secured with legally regulated security requirements, including the operation of personal emergency signal systems. tetronik is one of only a few manufacturers to offer such a system certified by the employers' liability insurance association. The tetronik solution 'DAKS-PNA' is recommended on the website of tjhe German Association for Occupational Safety and Health (DGUV).

The right puzzle piece

The current digitalization development is driving the demand for innovative, reliable and scalable alarm solutions. Digitalization must help not only to simplify processes, but also to make them more secure. At the same time, the focus must always remain on strengthening people's competence as decision-makers and supervisors. Alarm servers are exactly the piece of the puzzle that allows these goals to be achieved.


DAKS in the press: Telecom Handel Ausgabe 1-2/2019 

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