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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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There's a fire! The fire alarm system issues an alarm. Sirens howl, lights flash. Everybody should know what to do now. Should...  But in reality there is often a lack of practice, people get into stress, mistakes happen, reaction times are delayed, panic situations occur, e.g. when using escape routes. In such situations, good preparation, digitalization and automation of emergency procedures prevent stress-related errors with potentially serious consequences and escalations.

Silent Alarm

In the event of an alarm, DAKSeco acts as a reliable helper in the background and performs many urgent tasks simultaneously and reliably: DAKSeco calls the necessary emergency forces, notifies employees and guests with individual announcements, initiates a coordinated evacuation and connects those responsible in emergency conferences. This automated process can be started either directly by a fire alarm system or by manual confirmation. Each individual step can be monitored in the control center, for example, and subsequently reviewed in a detailed report.

Outside of alarm events, DAKSeco provides a convenient basis for implementing and evaluating regular emergency exercises.


More Safety in Case of Fire 

DAKSeco and a fire alarm system simply explained in our video!

Video 'DAKSeco with fire alarm systems'

Which Fire Alarm Systems Can Be Connected to DAKSeco?

Due to the high integration capability of DAKSeco, all fire alarm systems can be connected via various connection options - via contacts, serial interfaces or LAN with ESPA-X.

Fire alarm systems with DAKSeco at a glance:

info graphics 'Fire alarm systems with DAKSeco'


Print info graphics as a poster


Where to use DAKSeco with fire alarm systems?

The connection of fire alarm systems is a classic application for DAKSeco in all areas, e.g. here:

In the health sector:

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • medical centers

In the public area:

  • schools
  • nurseries
  • smaller administrative buildings, such as small town hall buildings

In industry:

  • small industrial enterprises
  • printing houses
  • cardboard factories
  • textile industry

In Retail:

  • department stores
  • car dealerships

In Leisure & Tourism:

  • hotels
  • amusement parks
  • zoos
  • indoor pools
  • fitness studios

... and many other areas of application.

DAKSeco can also be equipped with multiple interfaces and thus be connected to several systems simultaneously, e.g. a building control system or nurse call system additionally to a fire alarm system.



The benefit – this is how DAKSeco increases safety:

  • Employees can practice and are well prepared for an emergency.
  • Employees convey security to guests / customers / patients and can act quickly and confidently.
  • Guests are brought to safety quickly, effectively and reliably.
  • Mistakes, escalations and panic are generally avoided.
  • Complex evacuation processes are simplified and accelerated.
  • The security and reputation of the company/organisation is increased.


The fire alarm system ensures reliable warning in the event of fires. DAKSeco ensures that the security procedures following the warning function reliably!

Fire Alarm Systems + DAKSeco make fire protection sound!



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You are also welcome to ask our sales specialist for advice in order to find a suitable partner for your project.

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