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At FeuerTrutz 2019, tetronik and Bosch set a milestone in preventive fire protection.

The FeuerTrutz is the leading trade fair for the European area around the topic 'Preventive Fire Protection' and could record a very high number of visitors again this year.

WhatsApp Image 2019 02 20 at 16.01.52 3  DAKS AVIOTEC Brandschutz Tafel

At the Bosch stand in Hall 10, visitors from fire brigades and municipal administrations as well as many specialist planners were pleasantly surprised that Bosch presented a joint solution with the well-known DAKS: the AVIOTEC video camera coupled to the DAKS for early fire detection.

More about fire protection with AVIOTEC 

With this overall solution, Bosch closes the gap between early fire detection via video and the world of communication in the ICT infrastructure. The video camera uses image analysis to detect dangerous situations quickly and accurately. It thus already reacts to developing fires such as flames and/or smoke and forwards the message to DAKS. DAKS then starts the predefined alarm procedures and notifies the necessary persons. This highly effective networking of machine and human operator saves valuable time in the emergency process and helps to avoid major damage.

 Folie Brandfrüherkennung

Apart from the enormous time savings, the planners also found the following functions to be a convincing added value of the solution with DAKS:

  • Logging:
    How long did the alarm process take? When was the alarm triggered? When could it be stopped? Was it possible to comply with the specifications for emergency procedures? Where did difficulties arise? In order to improve important processes in the long term, detailed evaluations are necessary. However, most fire alarm systems cannot display the corresponding data. DAKS provides an exact log of the entire process: from the alarm triggering by AVIOTEC to the started broadcast calls, the participants reached, conferences right up to the end of the process! This is crucial for increasing the protection goal. See this German website https://www.baunetzwissen.de/brandschutz/fachwissen/grundlagen/schutzziele-im-brandschutz-3109237
  • Conference functionality:
    In the event of a fire, emergency forces are automatically switched into a conference in order to obtain a quick and direct overall picture of the situation. This also reduces investigation time: colleagues who are located close to the source of the fire can describe the situation. Decisions on the measures to be taken can be made more quickly: Can the source of the fire already be stopped in its development phase with the available means or must the professional fire brigade be alerted??
  • 2-step confirmation for service:
    In the event of technical faults, the 2-stage confirmation ensures that the service has been completed positively.
  • User comfort:
    With the 'DAKS Customized Operator' extension, DAKS enables simple and reliable process triggering and monitoring with an individually configurable user interface.

The DAKS-AVIOTEC-Solution for early fire detection was presented by:

Silvio Nuara, Business Development tetronik GmbH
Heiko Schwichtenberg, Portfolio Manager Safety Bosch

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