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Would you like to get some knowledge about DAKS while you're on your way to a customer? Now that's very easy with our new video podcast series "DAKS-Talk".

In interviews with various DAKS professionals and other experts, we work out a variety of special topics in detail. This will give you in-depth knowledge, useful application examples from real life and a few entertaining insights into our "tetronik" life.

The podcasts are available as videos as well as pure audio podcasts in MP3 format. This makes it easy for you to access the information in the way that suits you best: On the move in the train, in the plane or in the car, or also occasionally in the office, in the hotel or during an event break.

DAKS Talk Team Intro

In our first two podcasts, our two main podcast stars, Peter Euler and Sebastian Holdenbein, will present our new "Connect Them All" campaign, which will inform you throughout 2019 about DAKSeco's wide range of connection and application options, and at the same time include particularly attractive package offers.

Going into detail

One of the first focal points of our campaign, 'DAKSeco with a fire alarm system', will be the subject of the following two podcasts: What difficulties do fire safety managers often face with public buildings and how can they overcome these with DAKS? Why is it particularly important in nursing homes to perform fire alarms with a so-called 'silent alarm'? These and other detailed questions will be answered in the podcast. Just check our playlist regularly!

Note: podcasts are only available in German at the moment.

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Give us your DAKS topic

Is there a DAKS topic that you are particularly interested in? Some information you are missing? A question that keeps cropping up in conversations with customers? Let us know! We are planning the next podcast with your topic. Please send us your requests in a comment or use our feedback form. We look forward to your feedback!

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