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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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This year again tetronik is present at the DMEA (formerly ConhIT) in Berlin and will be showcasing solutions with DAKS around the subject 'Communication in the hospital 4.0' on three different sites´:

  • DAKS brings more tranquillity to (intensive care) wards
  • DAKS filters and reduces the flood of information in the care sector
  • DAKS facilitates and supports everyday communication within nursing teams 
  • DAKS secures and locates patient
  • DAKS connects human and machine
    e.g. as an interface to a chatbot: Example of a telemedical study in the context of the 'Medolution' project (artificial heart) of the Medical University Hannover in cooperation with Atos

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tetronik at the Unify / Atos booth in hall 4.2 E-111

Unify / Atos

At the Unify booth in hall 4.2, tetronik presents the tetronik OEM product OScAR.

OScAR (actually 'OpenScape Alarm Response'), still known to many as DAKS, is Unify's powerful alarm server.

With a deep integration into the entire Unify PBX portfolio, it has been working extremely reliably in customer applications worldwide for many years. Popular modules of the OpenScape solution portfolio, such as the corporate collaboration platform Circui, are backing this.

Once again this year, special attention will be paid to the topic of telemedicine. In close cooperation with Atos, a human-machine interface was implemented within the framework of the 'Medolution' (Medical Care Evolution) project using OScAR/DAKS and the REST API.

Further information on the Medolution project can be found in the Atos newsroom. (Only available in German)

tetronik at the Dräger both in hall 2.2 E-112 

daks partner draeger

At the Dräger booth in hall 2.2, you can experience the interaction of a patient monitor and a reliable alarm system live.

With DAKSmed, the first medical product from tetronik, Dräger realizes alerting on mobile end devices and directly integrates the customer's medical network.

Distributed Alarm System

This contributes significantly to reducing alarm fatigue in intensive care units and to limiting the flood of information. Medical devices generate a flood of alarms, which are usually passed on unfiltered to the nursing staff and lead to a desensitization regarding alarm signals. The distributed alarm system with DAKSmed routes the alarms specifically to the mobile terminals of the previously assigned nursing staff and also displays various priorities. This facilitates the nursing staff's workflow and helps them to react appropriately to the various alarms.

Find out more about the Distributed Alarm System on the Dräger website.  Or in the video about alarm management with Dräger using the example of 'gas management'Dräger Alarm Management System. (Both only abailable in German)

tetronik at the Bosch booth in hall 1.2 B-103


Bosch will be showcasing safety and building integration using the 'Smart Hospital' concept as an example:

Loss of time, high costs and waiting patients are only some of the challenges that hospital operators are faced with every day.

Bosch simplifies communication channels and technical networking, thus increasing the security and comfort of hospital buildings.

e.g. in these areas Bosch provides smart solutions for you, realized with DAKS as gateway and man-machine interface:

Find out more about Bosch healthcare solutions on the Bosch page. (Only available in German)