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Nursing staff at their limits - not only, but especially in Germany, everyday working life in the nursing service is characterized by extremely demanding working conditions. Unfavourable staffing ratios, growing documentation requirements and constant interruptions in work processes lead to high physical and mental stress for employees. This results in absences due to illness and even career breaks.

Many caregivers are concerned that particularly human attention, being a central aspect of nursing work for them and also for the patients, suffers under these challenging circumstances. Looking at it conversely: Allowing more time for personal attention to the patient has a positive effect on the success and quality of care.

More Time For Personal Attention

Relieving the nursing staff is the key to releasing this valuable time. DAKSeco can help to relieve the burden on carers and to organize their care tasks more effectively. DAKSeco simply uses the existing ICT infrastructure and connects it to the nurse call system. Nurse call systems from various manufacturers can be optimally integrated via an ESPA interface..

The total number of nursing calls for each nurse is reduced

By connecting the nurse call system to DAKSeco, every nurse call activates a phone call. This call is directed to the telephone of the nurse responsible for this bed. Once the call has been accepted, the nurse call alarm is cancelled for all other nurses. This special feature of DAKSeco significantly reduces the total alarm workload.

Nurse call systems without DAKS
Nurse call systems without DAKS
Nurse call systems with DAKS
Nurse call systems with DAKS

Less interruptions

Fewer nurse calls means fewer interruptions altogether. Moreover, a part of the remaining interruptions can be significantly shortened. The additional "callback" function allows nurses to establish a voice connection to the patient at the touch of a button. This improves communication with patients and residents: the nurse call initiator receives direct feedback on his or her concerns while nurses can better prioritize the various jobs. If a nurse is unable to interrupt her work due to an urgent problem, she can reject the call and thus forward it to another nurse. Every nurse call can be answered within a short time. This also increases patient safety.

Walking distances are reduced

Besides the fact that there are already fewer nurse calls cumulating for each nurse, some requests can easily be clarified by telephone. Finally, only some of the nurse calls still require the nurse to personally visit the patient or resident. These remaining calls can be organized more effectively due to the callback function. This reduces walking distances.

Effektiver Pflegeworkflow mit DAKS

Which Nurse Call Systems Can Be Connected to DAKSeco?

All nurse call systems with an ESPA interface - serial with ESPA 4.4.4 or LAN-based with ESPA-X - can be connected to DAKSeco. These are, for example, nurse call systems by...

  • ZETTLER Tyco Johnson Controls
  • ACKERMANN Honeywell
  • Tunstall
  • Ascom
  • tetronik Kommunikationstechnik
  • Winkel
  • Wellner
  • BEST
  • Rauland
...and many other manufacturers.

More Information

How exactly does this solution work in a hospital? How is DAKSeco applied in a nursing home? Which components are necessary to implement the solution exactly in this way? Further information on DAKSeco in nursing can be found here:

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