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Spectralink, the global leader in enterprise mobility solutions, and tetronik GmbH announced July 16th that the jointly created personal emergency signal solution (Personen-Notsignal-Anlage – PNA) has received DGUV certification from Germany’s Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung. Complying with all requirements of the German DGUV Rule 112-139 (formally BGR 139), the DAKS-PNA P8SL solution offers a new, failsafe solution to safeguard lone workers. This is particularly important in high-risk surroundings such as petrochemical plants, high-voltage environments, heavy machinery, logistics and psychiatric clinical units.

Personal Security solution from tetronik and Spectralink The Personal Security solution from tetronik and Spectralink is certified by the German DGUV and unique within the market

Occupational health and safety is fiercely regulated in Germany and must be at the forefront of businesses’ agendas, especially when operating with lone workers. The DAKS-PNA P8SL solution was created combining leading alarm server technology from tetronik with Spectralink’s renowned DECT handsets, to create a secure and DGUV-compliant personal security system. The solution not only safeguards lone workers, but helps businesses ensure they meet their legal duty of care requirement towards their employees.

Personal emergency signal devices are required to trigger and transmit alarm signals (prompted and un-prompted) when a lone worker gets into difficulty

Part of the personal emergency signal solution are the body-worn personal emergency signal devices with voice (PNG-S), which are used together with DAKS as a personal emergency signal receiving centre (PNEZ). This is where the Spectralink DECT solutions offered best in class functionality as they have the ability to triangulate between DECT-base stations as well as DECT-over-IP-base stations within a DECT-infrastructure. In this way, the particular location of a lone worker can be determined via the various distributed base stations.

With its performance features, the tetronik/Spectralink solution monitors and reports its activation at all times and is able to trigger an alarm at any given time

Once a device has been removed from its charger, it will autonomously send a message back to the DAKS, confirming the activation of the PNA. The self-testing function will run on the device to check basic functions such as sensory technology and the emergency call button. Subsequently, a message is displayed in the personal emergency signal receiving centre as well as on the device showing PNA mode has been launched and the device is being monitored. If the device detects a lack of movement, or specific movements such as the device being held at a horizontal angle, an automatic call and an acoustic positioning tone is activated after an initial pre-alarm; the criticality of this function is significant – if a lone worker is unable to move and handle the handset, the automatic call provides immediate remote help.

To put employers’ minds at ease when deploying lone workers with the DAKS-PNA P8SL solution in hazardous environments, a PIN code is required to mute the alarm – all in-built precautionary measures to ensure that the safety of the device is not unknowingly compromised.

The solution also provides constant monitoring of connection. If the PNA solution fails to receive a signal from the handset an alarm is automatically triggered, and a loss of connection will be displayed on the handset warning the worker that they are no longer being monitored and are at heightened risk.

Martin Praest, Business Development Director at Spectralink, comments: „It is advisable to not only comply with occupational health standards but to exceed them where possible. When operating in hazardous environments with heavy machinery, powerplants, chemical solutions – any high-risk facility – it is vital these workers are monitored and get help as soon as a difficult situation arises. For this reason, we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with tetronik to develop a solution with features meeting the stringent requirements of the DGUV certification to ultimately put the safety of lone workers at an all-time high”.

Alfred Faustmann at tetronik, also comments: „Combining our expertise and specialist knowledge in deployment and operation of personal-emergency-signal-solutions with Spectralink’s enterprise mobility capabilities, we have engineered the DAKS-PNA P8SL solution that not only provides reassurance and comfort to the lone worker, but in fact morphs a high-risk environment into a safety-managed one, allowing businesses to meet their duty of care requirements”.

See product page DAKS-PNA P8SL

About Spectralink Corporation

Spectralink leads the enterprise mobility market with industry’s most deployed mobility solution portfolio optimized for mission critical healthcare, retail, manufacturing and hospitality applications. As the enterprises transition to mobile workflows, Spectralink is at the forefront of the industry transformation through its innovative end-to-end mobility portfolio. Designed for challenging RF environments, our mobile solutions enable enterprises to streamline their workflows and deliver a positive customer experience. To protect our customers’ investments in UC platforms, we offer the best interoperability in the industry with the leading call control platforms. Since 1990, Spectralink has deployed millions of mobile devices worldwide – providing enterprises with the industry’s most reliable, high quality and secure mobility solutions. For more information, please visit www.spectralink.com


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Self-test for the Module of the Month of January

The DAKS function module 'Email Dispatch' could be interesting for you if...

  • you want to ensure that a broadcast call information reaches certain subscribers in any event — regardless of whether they were able to actively accept the call or not.
  • you want recipients who have already positively acknowledged a broadcast call to be able to retrieve the content of the call at any later time, e.g. in the case of longer texts or more complex detailed information.
  • you would like to have the ability to provide one or more responsible persons with the most important broadcast results in a short email summary, e.g. to ensure that an important task has been taken over.
  • you want one or more persons responsible to receive a complete broadcast call log automatically, e.g. for documentation purposes.

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Self-test for the Module of the Month of February

The DAKS application module 'Info Telephone' could be interesting for you if...

  • You regularly have to cope with a high volume of calls in certain situations or events on a regular basis in order to answer mainly similar questions (e. g. to keep informed about the current state of traffic, weather or troubleshooting).
  • You need the ability to make different announcements available to internal and external callers in the same situation.
  • You generally want to enable your callers to listen to more than one announcement, even through a selection dialogue. E. g. program notes, message progressions or messages on various topics.
  • You want to enable callers to listen to previous broadcasts again - including repeated display text transmission.
  • You want to prepare recurring announcements and store them for regular use, e. g."No incident","Incident","Lunch break", etc.
  • You want to play different announcements with time-controlled settings.
  • You also want to record and play back current announcements ad hoc.
  • You want to enable live broadcasts by telephone, e. g. conferences, works meetings and board meetings.
  • You generally want to provide audio sources via a telephone number, e. g. microphones, radio stations, etc.

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the 'Email Dispatch' extension can already pay off for you!!

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Self-test for the Module of the Month of March

The DAKS extension module 'DAKS Customized Operator' could be interesting for you if...

  • You have to trigger complex procedures in case of an incident, e. g. several broadcast calls at the same time with different combinations of announcements.
  • You want to trigger processes quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.
  • Due to the high importance of incidents in your company, they often lead to tense situations in which errors could occur.
  • You want to support your employees to fulfil their tasks in a responsible manner through intuitive and safe operation.
  • You want to design user interfaces according to your own requirements, e. g. industry-specific or subject-specific optics for better identification with the operation.
  • You want to display graphical elements such as site plans or floor plans on your user interfaces.
  • You want to perform regular exercises with DAKS even more comfortably.
  • You have to adapt processes frequently, e. g. as a result of process optimization or changing conditions

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the 'DAKS Customized Operator' extension can already pay off for you!!

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Self-test for the Module of the Month of April

The DAKS extension module 'DAKS Desktop Client' could be interesting for you if...

  • You have workstations with customer contact / public traffic in your company / organisation. (e.g. public authorities, citizens' offices, job centres, financial institutions, shopping facilities, emergency rooms, gateways or reception areas)
  • You need a particularly discreet alarm option, e.g. to have colleagues join you in escalating customer conversations "as if coincidentally" without offending the customer with an obvious alarm trigger.
  • You are looking for an alternative or supplement to physical emergency buttons - levers or pedals, e.g. because they are too conspicuous, impractical, disturbing or for other reasons insufficient.
  • You prefer an easy to implement emergency button solution and want or need to avoid additional cabling and connection installations.
  • You want to direct the alarm of an employee to colleagues in neighbouring offices, both to their phones and to the screens, including exact information on where the person asking for help is located.
  • You value detailed logging of all alarm processes, e.g. in order to use these as evidence for criminal proceedings against violent offenders in escalated cases.

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Self-test for the Module of the Month of May

The DAKS application module 'Call Profiles' could be interesting for you if...

  • You offer service, information or other (also internal) hotlines.
  • You have arranged on-call services in your company/organization.
  • You or your employees should be reachable on several terminals with just one number, e.g. for better mobility, "flexible offices", etc.
  • Certain phone numbers should only be reached by predefined, authorized users, e.g. for VIPs, decision-makers, etc.

If you were able to agree with only one of the statements above, the application module 'Call Profiles' can already pay off for you!

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Self-test for the DAKS module of the month of August

The DAKS application module 'Conferencing' is just what you are looking for if...

  • You need to regularly bring together and confer with people that are physically located at different sites (e.g. a head office and its branches).
  • You need to routinely confer with different people that, although they all work at the same place, operate in different mobile job environments and do not necessarily need to interrupt their workflow (e.g. morning briefing in hotels).
  • You want that conferences between predefined members start fully automatically, triggered e.g. by the time of the day, through error messages, by pressing an alarm button, or at the simple click of the mouse.
  • You have frequently experienced connection losses among conferees.
  • You want to apply crisis and emergency conferencing, and all calls that have a lower priority shall automatically be interrupted so that important members are switched to this time-critical process.
  • You want to have the option to configure your own customized telephone conferences with many detailed settings and parameters to best match your specific application scenarios.
  • You require very secure telephone conferencing for your sensitive and confidential subject matters.

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Self-test for the Module of the Month of November

The DAKS application module 'Gateway' might be interesting for you, if...

  • you are using a VoIP-based subsystem in your company/organization.
  • you want to enable calls between subordinate networks (e.g. VoIP-based subsystems) and your normal PBX.
  • you want to enable calls between SIP-based call stations and your normal telephone system.
  • you want to integrate secondary networks / subsystems and SIP-based devices into your alarm processes in order to integrate your entire communications infrastructure into your alerting strategy.

If you can agree with even one of the above statements, the application module 'Gateway' might already pay for itself!

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