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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Invitations were barely sent out, when the event was already fully booked. At our summer event from July 3 - 4 and August 20 - 21, 2019, we not only served extensive and up-to-date information about DAKS, but also Mongolian Barbecue. The numerous tetronik sales partners who attended enjoyed both.

Starting with a clear overview of the DAKS portfolio both long-standing and new partners gained easy access to the world of DAKS.

Many new products generated great interest and were in line with current customer requirements:

  • The brand new version of the smartphone app 'DAKS Mobile Client' (DMC) convinced with its new tile interface, the manifold functions especially designed for mobile workflows and the possibility of a simple, central configuration.
    (More about the new DAKS Mobile Client soon on the tetronik website.)
  • The new certified DAKS Personal Security System (PNA) for customers with any ICT infrastructure, which extends the DAKS portfolio in the area of personal security.
  • And on the subject of fire alarms, the new joint solution with our partner BOSCH scored well: video-based early fire detection for enormous time savings in alerting.

Presentations on the DAKS alarm server at the tetronik partner days

Another main topic of the two partner days was DAKSeco. The fact that the compact alarm server for standard applications also provides the high integration capability typical for DAKS was an important insight for many of our guests and was easily remembered thanks to the slogan "Connect Them All". Three highly attractively priced complete packages with DAKSeco optimized for various applications rounded off the sales theme.

More about DAKSeco

Tour through the tetronik company - IT  Tour through the tetronik company - manufacturing

Tour through the tetronik company - development  Tour through the tetronik company - giveaways

The tour through the entire tetronik company was clearly one of the event's highlights for the participants. From production to development departments to IT and marketing, our partners were able to get a personal impression of how the proven DAKS quality is created.

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