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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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The current pandemic situation shows a significant increase in the demand for communication in general – both in the private, business and public sectors. We all want to be informed about the current situation, what measures are being taken and how all this affects our personal or professional situation.

In addition, many employees work from home, and some key decision-makers are stuck with childcare at home.

Many groups of people, even from companies that are part of the critical infrastructure, are currently opening up messenger groups, such as WhatsApp, to simplify their communication. What at first sight seems practical, however, on closer inspection, bears enormous legal risks. Confidential information, which is particularly prevalent in critical infrastructures such as hospitals and public authorities, should never be communicated via platforms that are insecure in terms of data protection.

Pandemie Kommunikation

Better communicate confidential data via DAKS

DAKS offers various possibilities to improve and simplify communication, while always remaining within a data-protected environment. 

For information you wish to communicate very quickly and easily to a wide audience:

Application module 'Notifier-Pro'

  • No discussion / chat function but rather " Fire & Forget" messages
  • Cross-media: Reach people via different channels from a single input mask and with a single button press: e-mail, SMS, various internal messengers, broadcast announcements

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For internal company messenger platforms:

The new DAKSpro V9 with NodeRed flexibly supports the integration of individual messengers and platforms.

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For important meetings, such as crisis management conferences: 

Emergency conferences with DAKSpro

  • Current low-priority calls are interrupted in order to set up the conference as quickly as possible with full attendance
  • Automatic reconnection in the event of connection breakdowns, e.g. due to mobility
  • Pin entry, also multi-level, ensures the confidentiality of the conference
  • Conference logging

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To connect home office workers: 

DAKSpro application modules 'Broadcasts', 'Conferencing' and 'Call Profiles'

  • Module 'Call Profiles' ensures that you reach your employees comfortably and safely: DAKS automatically dials different numbers of a person. Read more...
  • The 'Broadcast' module plays announcements with instructions and information to all selected subscribers, or previously configured groups of subscribers, at the touch of a button. Read more...
  • The 'Conferencing' module brings together all desired persons in a confidential meeting on time - easily, conveniently, automatically and securely! Read more... 

To provide customers, neighbors and other interested parties with the correct and most important information and to relieve the burden on your own employees: 

Citizens' hotline with the DAKSpro application module 'Info Telephone'

  • Provide true and important information for callers concerned by daily (and even questionable) reports without overloading the hotline
  • Reduce waiting time for all callers
  • More time to answer individual questions

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