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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Red PE by Peter Euler | tetronik Marketing | 

In recent weeks, manufacturers, power utilities, mobile phone providers and thousands of other companies have sent their telephone customer service to the home office. However, many are facing the challenge of being able to provide customer service from the home office in the usual way.

The problem: Calls to the service hotline are now routed through the company's telephone system and forwarded to the various service workstations at home. But unlike with the phones in the office that are all connected directly, the PBX now cannot simply check who is currently available in the home office. So it happens again and again that a call goes unanswered if the employee in the home office cannot be reached at that point.

This affects the availability of the service hotline and can make customers very uneasy – especially at a time when the general uncertainty level is already high and it is for that very reason that more and more customers are calling.

The solution: DAKS with 'On-call Management' application module

DAKS – the alarm server by tetronik known for its great versatility and reliability – is connected to your local PBX and distributes the calls on the hotline to the employees in the home office according to a previously stored priority key. DAKS also ensures that the calls escalate until a co-worker is reached. This means that if the call is routed to the first co-worker and that co-worker does not answer the call or is busy, DAKS automatically calls the next co-worker according to the priority key and continues to do so until one co-worker answers the call.

This already gives you a very good grip on the availability of your service hotline. However, in the worst case, longer waiting times can occur – e.g. at lunchtime, when many home office workers like to take a break independently of each other and DAKS has to escalate the calls over a longer period of time until an available co-worker is reached.

Home Office ServicehotlineSource: SurfupVector via stock.adobe.com

The application module 'On-call Management' improves the availability of your hotline to the optimum

With this, the service hotline workers on duty can log on or off for their on-call service autonomously either via their telephone or via a browser interface. If a co-worker takes a break or ends his or her shift, he or she simply logs off independently. The switch to a different co-worker is activated immediately. The service manager or shift supervisor can see at any time via the interface who is currently logged on to which hotline service, but does not necessarily need to do the logins, logouts and other changes him- or herself.

The autonomous logging on and off has many advantages: Normally, the shift manager or someone in a central office has to manage the logon and logoff requests on the system level. This is cumbersome and can cost time, during which the hotline is either not manned or poorly manned, until the change has been carried out.

To ensure that all co-workers are not logged off at any time and the hotline is no longer manned, rules can be stored in DAKS, e.g. that at least one co-worker must always be logged on. If the last remaining team member still logged on then wanted to log off by mistake, this logoff request would not be approved until another colleague had logged on for duty. The team members can also independently change their connection, e.g. from a fixed network number to a mobile number, with immediate effect.

In this way, you avoid long waiting times or availability gaps in your hotline. Your customer service stays available to your customers without interruption and in the usual manner.

This puts your customers at ease and shows that you are well positioned even in times of crisis!

Please stay healthy and optimistic!

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