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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Red SN by Silvio Nuara | tetronik Business Development | 

As an employer, you have an obligation to provide for the welfare of your employees – even if they work from home. How do you keep the overview even with a high number of employees, and how do you know if individual colleagues are sick and cannot work?

At the same time, you must also keep an eye on the actual working hours of your employees. Contrary to widespread concerns that too little work is done in the home office, employees often work even more hours at home than they do in the office, because the actual act of leaving that provides a "natural end" to their work is simply missing. In addition, the employer also needs to document the working hours of home office employees.

I have been talking about this with many customers during the past weeks. Many, even larger companies, told me that they call all their employees at home one by one to find out if and how much they can work. Of course, this takes a lot of effort and time and has to be documented by hand. With particularly high numbers of employees, this system quickly reaches its limits.

How can I keep an eye on the actual working hours and physical condition of my employees?

In order to easily keep an eye on the workload of your employees and to always keep track of their availability and ability to work, it is best to use a simple technical solution that allows your employees to sign on or off on their own.

With DAKS – the alarm server by tetronik, which is valued worldwide for its reliability – various solutions are available, depending on the number of employees.

For departments with up to 50 employees, the DAKS application module 'On-call Management' is the perfect solution. Specially developed for on-call services, this module allows your employees to sign on or off for their work independently, regardless of where they are located, via their telephone or via a web interface.

If, for example, it has been agreed with the employees that they will start work by 9:00 a.m. at the latest, they can actively log on at that time. The manager can thus see at any time and at a glance who is currently logged on as working and is therefore available. If an employee is not signed on, the person responsible can actively contact the colleague to check whether everything is OK.

Having the overview who is in service
User interface example: The supervisor can see at a glance
which employees should be logged in and which ones actually are.

For more than 50 employees you can use a DAKS basic function

In this case, your employees can sign in or out of DAKS themselves by telephone (by dialling a number and entering a PIN). Using the DAKS operator tool, the supervisor can see at a glance the respective logon status. In addition, it is possible to automatically log out subscribers at predefined times, e.g. after office hours. This can also prevent an employee from remaining logged in because he or she has forgotten to log out in the evening.

Thus, even with a large number of employees in the home office, you can indeed take care of each individual by targeting those who are not logged in and may need your help.

Agree on general registration disciplines with your home office staff: If employees not only sign on and off on time both in the morning and in the evening, but also signal their break times in this way, they can help their supervisors to fulfil their responsibility for the health and appropriate working hours of their employees.

Log files give all participants an overview and support evaluations

DAKS automatically provides a log of all activities, i.e. in this case of the various logins and logouts. Use the DAKS logs to obtain a complete overview over a certain period of time, to identify problems or trends and to create internal evaluations. This will help you to see even better whether work planning or processes need to be adjusted and who might need help.

Home Office Fuersorge
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What else can I do for the well-being of my employees?

Even if you are physically separated and have no insight into the working conditions of your employees, you want to fulfil your duty of care thoroughly and ensure that they remain healthy.

Use automatic DAKS broadcast calls with announcements to regularly remind your employees how they can take care of their health when working in their home office, for example with...

  • Advice on what a health-promoting workplace should look like and what to bear in mind when working at a computer screen.
  • Reminders of regular breaks.
  • Invitations to take a short break for exercise to get circulation going and to counteract the harmful effects of a predominantly sedentary job.
  • Ideas for snacks that strengthen concentration or the immune system.
  • etc.

This allows you to look after and encourage your employees even in the home office. Please you too stay healthy and optimistic!

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