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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Red KMK by Kerstin Marx-Kiesinger | tetronik Marketing | 

On the way to the office in the morning we automatically collect a lot of information: The big sign at the front door showing which events are currently taking place in the building; notes on the notice board where colleagues offer their old mobile phone for sale; the daily menu on the board outside the canteen; the small update from a colleague while getting a coffee.

And in the home office? Not only do we miss a lot of information – we feel somehow cut off, we miss the dialogue, the team, the "office family". In the current situation, we need various strategies to combat the feeling of isolation - an uncomplicated solution to distribute information is one of them.

If we continue to receive the information we are used to, we continue to feel part of a team. We then feel that we have not been forgotten somewhere in our own four walls, but still belong and are needed. This is also important for employees who had to be sent on short-time work and experience the change in their usual work even more strongly.

Team chats, online and telephone conferences prove to be very helpful for the communication and coordination within defined teams in the home office. But they are not suitable for every kind of information. The problem lies precisely in their "dialogue nature": as soon as you bring in information, you get a response. Take WhatsApp groups, for example: Often, you trigger a whole discussion that you didn't even intend to have and that has the potential to steal everyone's time. So if you just want to get a message out, you don't wish to receive a reaction, and just want everyone to be informed, you should use other options.

1. Use broadcast calls with announcements

DAKS – the alarm server by tetronik that has been proven thousands of times worldwide – allows you to set up various ready-to-use broadcast groups, e.g. those for individual teams or those for the entire staff. If such a broadcast call is triggered, all subscribers previously included in the broadcast group are called and hear an announcement. Such broadcast calls can contain a fixed, pre-configured announcement that is played to the subscribers on a regular basis. Broadcasts with permanently configured announcements can also be stored on demand to be triggered only when required. Broadcasts with fixed announcements can be used, for example, for regular reminders, such as deadlines, or for warnings that can be used as required.

Additionally, broadcast calls can also offer the option of recording "ad hoc" announcements - these are suitable for topical messages. Here are some examples:

  • first (fixed) announcement: "Company update"; followed by the second (ad hoc), currently recorded, announcement with up-to-date information from the management on ongoing processes and measures.
  • first (fixed) announcement: "Our tip for today's exercise break"; followed by todays exercise instructions from your company's health officer.
  • First (fixed) announcement: "Make sure you have a well-balanced diet. Our snack tip today"; then the management of the currently unused canteen gives advice on snacks that help with concentration.
  • (For more examples of health-promoting announcements for your employees, please read the article "How can I fulfil my duty of care for employees in home offices

Home Office Informieren
Source: DoubleM via stock.adobe.com

2. Use cross-media messaging tools

We all have our preferences when it comes to our communication media: e-mails, corporate messengers, SMS, telephony, etc. Therefore, when we distribute a message through a particular channel, some recipients may receive the message with a time delay because they prefer to use another medium.

The DAKS application module 'Notifier-Pro' enables you to reach a large number of addressees via different communication channels at the same time from a single input field with just one message. The participants are registered in DAKS with their preferred communication media. You prepare your message conveniently via a web interface, also accessing prepared text modules, and then select the desired subscribers. With the ''Send'' command, the message is then sent to all selected recipients via their individually preferred communication channel - and you can be sure that your information will reach your contacts as quickly as possible.


In order to effectively distribute information to your home office employees, you need to distinguish which information requires which type of communication: Do you want reactions? Do you want to encourage a dialogue? Or do you simply want your employees to be informed? Use the tool that suits your needs best! Whichever way you decide to distribute your information - make sure that you stay in good contact with your employees.

Stay healthy and optimistic!

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