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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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You appreciate DAKS because you know that you can rely on well performing processes in any situation! In order to meet this justified expectation, DAKS is constantly being improved, adapted to new requirements and kept at the latest technical level. With corresponding software upgrades, these further developments and updates are then available to you - often together with additional and useful application opportunities for you.

How to keep your DAKS up to date

Before the release of the DAKSpro version 9 you were able to receive all minor software updates free of charge with the Update Protection Key. For an upgrade in the course of a major update, however, the full regular upgrade price had to be paid.

With the release of the new DAKSpro V9 an improved option is available: Software Assurance (SWA). For an annual fee of only 8% of the software list price, all software updates - patches, minor and major upgrades - are available to you without any additional charge for the software.

As long as the Software Assurance is fully implemented from the time of installation, future upgrades will only incur the costs for any necessary hardware.

To make it easier for you to get started with the new Software Assurance, we also offer you 1 year of Software Assurance free of charge from the date of delivery. Thus you are seamlessly protected with all updates and no longer need to make purchase decisions dependent on software updates.

This means for you: Lower costs, better budgeting, reliable planning and always the latest DAKS version at your fingertips!

Saving example with Software Assurance

Continuous software upgrades keep your DAKS always up-to-date. However, each upgrade usually incurs upgrade costs:
Grafik SWA Sparbeispiel 1 EN

To reduce such costs, sometimes customers have skipped individual upgrades in the past and thus foregone updates, although these would have been important and useful:
Grafik SWA Sparbeispiel 2 EN

With Software Assurance, you save on the very first software upgrade compared to the price you would have paid for it as a single upgrade. Software Assurance also simplifies your budget planning with a fixed annual maintenance fee:
Grafik SWA Sparbeispiel 3 EN

Upgrade to the new version now and subscribe to Software Assurance – ask your certified DAKS dealer