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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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With its new version 3, DAKSeco is provided on the DAKS-200 platform, with a new CF card and new database structure in a robust and extremely durable high-end version according to industrial standards (Industrial Grade) and also offers many new and optimized performance features...

DAKSeco V3 - alerting convenient, powerful, secure

More flexible and expanded basic license

DAKSeco V3 in its basic version now comes with 5 (instead of 4) telephony channels.

A flexible messaging license is now included in the basic license, which allows one of the following interfaces to be used:

  • OAP messaging (WL3)
  • OM AXI messaging (MIVOICE-SIP-DECT devices)
  • Spectralink RPC messaging (DECT devices of series 76 and 77)

Process logs can now also be automatically exported to an external network drive under Windows. The existing internal logging on the CF card can be activated in addition to the external logging (in case of fails). Up to 10,000 process logs can be stored internally. Optionally, CF card logging can also be deactivated.

Improved usability of user interface

The DAKSeco user interface has been adapted in structure and appearance to make it even easier and more effective to use. Many functions, for example, can now be activated simply and quickly by clicking a button.

Terminal devices can be easily created and flexibly assigned to the participants.

New: Create alarm profiles and assign different broadcast calls for different situations or reporting categories. For example, call an emergency doctor when the emergency call button is pressed on the device. Start a different emergency call with localization when the device sensors trigger the alarm. Finally, assign the desired alarm profiles to your subscribers. 

DAKSeco V3 GUI - convenient, web-based user interface

Enhanced integration

Connect new end devices to DAKSeco V3:

  • Integrate smartphones with DAKS Mobile Client V2.20 (iOS and Android): Process activation, personal security, localization, support of nurse call systems and much more.
  • Support and monitoring of OpenStage cordlessM3 Plus at OpenScape 4000 (the latter even with local alarm signaling in case of connection loss)
  • Support of Spectralink-XML-RPC/MSF3 messaging (in connection with Spectralink DECT telephones of series 76 and 77)

Further connectivity:

  • Support of SNMP trap receiver for up to 100 traps from external components to trigger a broadcast call in case of failure of e.g. SIP alarm speakers or network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls
  • New: for up to 5 ESPA-X interfaces (instead of previously 2)
  • Support of DAKS Satellite with 3 serial interfaces
  • Support of last error signaling MARS (Major-Alarm-Remote-Signaller) including error message of a pending last error relay

Further new and improved functionalities

  • With the new application 'Emergency Call/Positioning' alarm profiles can be created for an individual alarm condition evaluation of e.g. deliberate and automatic alarm triggers, connection breakdowns, etc. 
  • With the new 'Gateway' application, SIP telephones can be connected directly to DAKS and thus also communicate with the telephones of the PBX. This may avoid having to upgrade small PBXs if additional telephones are to be connected. This allows you, for instance, to call DAKS Communicator from your cell phone and make calls between separate networks.
  • The time profiles have been extended: Create time profiles with detailed adjustable schedules for different days of the week and assign these to your participants.
  • Within the broadcast calls, skill groups can be created, e.g. to call a certain number of people from the groups "Doctor", "Anaesthesiologist", etc. to the location.
  • An anonymization option is available for data maintenance in compliance with German DSGVO.
  • and much more...

Discover DAKSeco anew – more convenient and powerful than ever!

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Product documents

Produktinfo DAKSeco V3 Vorschaubild DE

DAKSeco V3 Product Info Flyer (PDF)
Datenblatt DAKSeco V3 Vorschaubild DE

DAKSeco V3 Data Sheet (PDF)
Neuerungen DAKSeco V3 Vorschaubild DE

DAKSeco V3 Innovations (PDF)