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With the inconspicuous 'Silent Alarm' via DAKS Desktop Client, colleagues can help each other, de-escalate threatening situations spontaneously and effectively, and prevent violence.

As a long-standing expert for alerting and personal security, tetronik GmbH offers a broad solution portfolio for employee protection – from the German-DGUV-certified personal emergency signal system to the evacuation of specific areas and various alerting apps.

The DAKS Desktop Client app for PCs was developed specifically for public authorities, public administration offices and other workplaces with customer contact. Similar to the still commonly used alarm buttons, which are installed hidden under the desk, for example, a so-called 'silent alarm' can be triggered via the DAKS Desktop Client app to request help in a threatening situation. However, the app offers important advantages for employee protection compared to the analog solutions:

Mitarbeiterschutz mit DAKS Desktop ClientYou'll never work alone – employee protection and de-escalation work best when you stand together!

1. Trigger alarm completely inconspicuously

The alarm can be triggered completely unnoticed via the app while working on the PC, for example while a form is being worked on. Reaching for the analog alarm button, on the other hand, is easily noticed as an unusual hand movement. Situations often escalate precisely because the aggressive person feels offended. Thanks to the silent alarm, i.e. without alarm tones or other signals, even the alarm process that has already been started remains completely inconspicuous.

2. Trigger alarm sooner

It is precisely this particular inconspicuousness of the alarm triggering via the app that allows the employee to start the alarm at a very early stage without aggravating the situation with the customer in any way. "The sooner the better" is the clear recommendation here: as soon as the customer's behavior or language develops in an inappropriate manner and the employee begins to feel uncomfortable in the customer conversation, colleagues from surrounding offices should be discreetly informed with the help of the app. Experience has shown that in most cases, the mere presence of other people in the room already de-escalates the situation. In this case, the colleagues appear "as if by chance" in the office of the person who triggered the alarm, e.g. with a question as a pretext. The threatening situation can thus be gently resolved and violence avoided, even without the security service having to intervene.

3. Trigger alarm intuitively

To act safely and correctly in a stressful situation, practice and well-coordinated tools help. DAKS Desktop Client allows an alarm to be triggered intuitively in various ways: by mouse click or with a previously defined key combination. Depending on the situation, the triggering method that seems easier and less conspicuous at the time can be selected. With regular practice, alarm triggering succeeds safely and smoothly even under stress.

4. Configure alarm plan individually

Which colleagues/offices should receive the alert? Should they be notified by phone with an announcement or via a pop-up message on their desktop? Who else should be informed? For example, should security, the department manager, a control center, etc. be involved? What instructions should be given with the alarm messages? These and other parameters can be individually preconfigured to implement the desired alarm plan.

5. Log and analyze alarm processes

With DAKS, all alarm processes are logged in detail. This is important for the follow-up of actual incidents. Practice alarms are also logged – these provide important insights that can be used to optimize alarm procedures. It is especially important to regularly practice both alarm activation and the response of colleagues and security. In this way, everyone is well prepared to act confidently in threatening situations and to help each other.


Process, application and performance features are simply explained in the product info material

To the product description of DAKS Desktop Client

6. Install solution easily and conveniently

The entire solution can be easily implemented in any structural environment. This is a great advantage, especially in old buildings, which are often also listed buildings: No additional cables have to be laid – no need for any construction work.

7. Expand and combine alarm functions

The DAKS alarm server offers a wide range of diverse alerting solutions that can be combined with each other. The DAKS Desktop Client alarm app can also be combined with other DAKS alarming functions. Inline link: Find out more about the various applications and extensions from the DAKS portfolio.


Employee protection in authorities and public administrations requires contemporary, digital solutions to support de-escalation and violence prevention. It should be possible to implement these solutions easily and without structural measures. Ideal solutions are those that can be expanded to include additional alerting and personal protection functions and that scale well – employee protection as a coordinated and reliable overall concept for every situation. DAKS Desktop Client meets all requirements and gives your employees the good feeling that they are not alone even in difficult situations.

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