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In close cooperation, tetronik and Gigaset have developed a new, open interface for DECT IP systems. Via the alarm, messaging and location interface, Gigaset's single- and multi-cell systems can be connected to messaging and alarm servers, enabling them to receive text messages, make emergency calls and transmit location data. This adds additional functionality to Gigaset DECT-IP systems for employee security.  

Gigaset's modern and scalable DECT communication systems give companies, from SMEs to corporate sizes, maximum mobility. The DECT handsets thus unleash enormous added value and enable employees to receive and respond to alarms and messages wherever they are - for example, at the patient's bedside, on the production machine or on the forklift truck.

The solution with DAKS and the Gigaset handsets offers various security-enhancing features:

  • Event-specific icons, colors and audio signaling for quick orientation
  • Messages with detailed information or instructions for action
  • Signaling even during ongoing phone calls in case of emergencies
  • Easily accessible button located above the display to trigger an alarm (Gigaset R700H PRO and S700H PRO handsets)
  • Precise positioning based on handset data and nearby Bluetooth beacons

Gigaset Mobilteil und Screenshots

Alarm, messaging, location with Gigaset: The rugged R700H PRO handset (pictured)
and the S700H PRO are equipped with a special alarm button

Ready for use in healthcare, industry and other sectors

At market launch, the Gigaset N870 and N670 IP DECT systems can be used for attractive use cases when coupled with DAKS. In hospitals or nursing homes, for example, a patient call can be routed directly to the DECT handsets of the assigned caregivers, wherever they happen to be in the building. Information such as room or patient bed and call type is also provided. DAKS continues the call within the care team until a team member answers the call. Depending on the priority level, a call can also go out very prominently to all nursing staff at the same time, for example in the event of an acute hazard or fire. If necessary, direct voice connections can also be established or targeted (emergency) voice conferences can be started.

Get further details here:

Also, the following contact persons are available:

At tetronik GmbH: At Gigaset:
Mr. Peter Euler, Partner Support
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+49 (6128) 963-414
Mr. Dennis Zimmermann, Technical Sales Manager
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+49 (89) 444456-438

For individual advice and planning of the solution, please contact your security planner or consultant. IT and telecommunications providers, as well as value-added resellers (VARs) and enterprise system providers, are also available to help you with the implementation. You can always find a local partner near you using the Gigaset dealer locator or the tetronik dealer network.