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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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The latest processor generation, innovative usability features, the latest technology and security status: The new DAKS-400 hardware platform is the ideal, state-of-the-art basis for the DAKSpro software.

For the ideal transition to the new DAKS standard and also against the background of expiring legacy versions (see product status notes below), we support our customers with attractive conditions during the campaign period from September 1 to November 30, 2023:

titelbild hochruestkampagne daks 400


1) Get DAKS-400 for the same price as DAKS-300 

During the campaign period we can offer you a fully equipped powerful DAKS-400 hardware platform for the same price you would otherwise pay to replace the control computer (= CPU assembly) and power supplies on the DAKS-300.

This means that you order the upgrade at the same conditions as for a DAKS-300, but receive a complete hardware exchange during the promotional period and an even more valuable product with the latest technology and more features including:

  • redundant equipment with 2 * AC power supplies
  • 4 * serial interfaces (pre-equipped on the hardware end)
  • 2 * IP network interfaces (pre-equipped on the hardware end)

These are ideal upgrade conditions and a great opportunity to benefit from further innovations based on the new DAKS-400 platform in the future. This is especially true for customers who are still using already discontinued DAKSpro versions. (Upgrading to DAKS-400 may require adjustments to existing configurations – your dealer will be happy to advise you.).

You can benefit from continuous enhancements and optimizations of the DAKSpro software and enter into a software assurance agreement with the upgrade.

Current details on DAKSpro V9.10

More on the DAKS Software Assurance 

2) Receive an additional employee protection package free of charge

Employee protection is an increasingly important requirement in companies and organizations. The DAKS extensions 'DAKS Mobile Client' as well as 'DAKS Desktop Client' enable you to easily implement discrete and automated alarms from your mobile device or desktop. During the campaign period, you will receive a free package consisting of 10 licenses that can be used as DAKS Mobile Clients and/or DAKS Desktop Clients. Learn more about employee protection scenarios with DAKS Mobile Client and DAKS Desktop Client

Secure this offer with your dealer now!

Important product status notes

Attention: 'End of Sales for new systems' DAKS-300 as of 31 January 2024

What does this mean? According to our tetronik product life cycle, new systems of the respective product can no longer be ordered in the product status 'End of Sales for new systems'. The stock of the DAKS-300 product line will continue to be supported and you will receive patches, software enhancements and support for existing systems. Existing DAKS-300 hardware platforms will also be supported in conjunction with the next DAKSpro version 10. However, the use of new and extended functionalities may require the use of the much more powerful DAKS-400 hardware.

Attention: 'End of Support' for DAKSpro V8.x as of 31 March 2024

What does this mean? According to our tetronik product life cycle, support is no longer available for the products concerned in the 'End of Support' product status. Since March 2023, it has no longer been possible to order patches and extensions for the DAKSpro V8.x software version.