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After our announcement of last year and following our eight-year long support of the Version DAKS-Pro Rel. 7 (OScAR-Pro V3), tetronik announces the officially discontinuation of this version as of 31st December 2016.

The new and proven DAKS-Pro V8 Version has already been available for more than one year. With an upgrade to DAKS-Pro V8, you can now not only continue to fully rely on the sound DAKS support but also be best prepared for upcoming technical framework conditions and requirements in the communications world.

This upgrade is especially advantageous in connection with the acquisition of an Update Protection Key (UPK) that includes the free of charge upgrade to all future Minor Releases.

Our recommendation: Take advantage of this profitable offer and make the best of your end-of-year business by recommending the Upgrade to DAKS-Pro V8 to your customers now!