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Corona Crisis – We have your back!
Corona Crisis – We have your back!
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
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DAKS Modules of the Month
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V8.12 is a new Minor Release of DAKS-Pro and based on the existing hardware platforms DAKS 200 and DAKS 300.

For the new Release, the operability has been further improved in many areas, including user-guidance announcements and messages, filtering options, section possibilities and password inquiries.

With its many expansions, DAKS-Pro V8.12 can be customized even more flexibly to your organization's and business' requirements and its new interfaces and protocols provide you with an even increased freedom of choice, e.g. when it comes to selecting wireless telecommunications infrastructures and communications devices. Among other things, starting with the upcoming Release all DAKS-Mobile Clients (DMCs) are fully iOS 10 compatible.



Also, the Version 8.12 provides total support for a mobile communications device that perfectly matches with DAKS: the DAKS-Communicator. Designed for sturdiness and intuitive operation, it greatly assists and simplifies the daily routines and workflows not only of the nurses, but also of all other staff members who are deeply involved with comprehensive communications and personal protection functions. Click here for more information on the DAKS-Communicator...

Another novelty is the application "Notifier-Pro" that with its innovative, platform-spanning messaging brings together heterogeneous communications worlds, and in doing assures comprehensive reachability in our modern working environments. Click here for more information on Notifier-Pro...

Other updates include:

Starting from Version 8.12, the application "Broadcasting / Alerting" is automatically included in every DAKS-Pro Basic Package.
As enhancement of the application "Call Profiles", the newly added function "Services-Based Telephony" enables you to flexibly shape role-based reachability profiles that are based on specific roles and duties, e.g. the phone number used by a person while he/she is on duty and the duty hours. It enables employees to sign-in to their service dynamically, via browser or over the phone, and makes it possible to reach employees and staff members directly through role-based phone numbers – for example the 'responsible specialist' or the 'senior physician in charge'.
With the new DAKS-Satellite you can now attain an even higher scalability of centralized installations: Up to 40 DAKS-Satellites, each equipped with 3 serial interfaces, can be linked-up to a central DAKS-Pro Version 8.12. This adds up to 120 physically distributed serial interfaces, 640 output contacts and 320 input contacts.
The visualization of the location of emergency callers and the process to position these distressed users of mobile communications devices with GPS has been further improved: When an emergency call is received, the control center immediately sees where the distressed person is located on the premises.
Based on the new DAKS-Pro V8.12, a new OScAR-Pro V4R1 version is also in the planning with Unify.

DAKS-Pro V8.12 becomes available at the end of February 2017.

With the Update Protection Key, you can upgrade free of any extra costs or charges to all Minor Release Upgrades – as in this case from V8.0x to V8.12.
Major Upgrades of DAKS-Pro systems dating before V8.0x to DAKS-Pro V8.12 are available through corresponding Upgrade price positions.