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DAKS-Mobile Client (DMC) is a powerfully versatile and permanently mobile assistant and used in a wide variety of different applications when it comes to alarm and alerting processes as well as the distribution of information, with the Smartphone application operating either "actively" and visibly in the foreground or in the "waiting state" in the background of the respective mobile communications device.

With the introduction of iOS 10 for Apple's iPhone and iPad, Apple has altered the procedure that is applied when applications are addressed while they are running in the background. Technically speaking, this modification effects the way in which an application is "woken up" when it is not currently active in the foreground. With this modification Apple exacts the 'Apple Push Notification Service' (APNS) functionality from developers, made available as Apple Cloud-Service. As put forward by various Apple representatives, Apple does not offer any alternative to this APNS procedure.



This results in the fact that in order to utilize the APNS function on a permanent basis, an active internet connection must be provided for at all times. It becomes clear that in closed network environments with local communication only, and without an active communications link to the Apple Cloud APNS, applications that are currently in the waiting state in the background can no longer be woken up (as before). Consequently, notifications that are received while the DMC application is in the waiting state, e.g. a technical alarm, equally require that an active internet connection is permanently and fully provided for whenever DMC is used on Apple device that operates with iOS 10.

As far as the user organization is concerned, this means that an active internet connection must always be warranted for the respective mobile Apple products that are utilized - and also that the APNS service can always be reached in the Apple Cloud and the necessary IP ports are properly activated. The organizational impact that results from this architectural modification introduced by Apple can have different repercussions for the different user organizations. We therefore recommend that before you upgrade to Apple iOS 10, always be sure to check the individual effects this update has on your organizational security and safety policies, and to prepare and design organizational workflows and procedures to be in place in the event the internet connection is lost (backup).

Starting with the Release DAKS-Pro V8.12, DAKS-Mobile Clients (DMCs) are prepared for use in combination with the Apple Cloud Service APNS and compatible with iOS 10. The changes of the Apple architecture solely concerns the "waking up". The transmission of the content directly to the pertinent application is carried out after the "waking up" process. Therefore, also with the adjustment to the new Apple architecture in place, the actual contents of the notification messages are exchanged directly between DAKS and DAKS-Mobile Client.