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DAKSpro Application Module
Info Telephone

With the application module 'Info Telephone' DAKSpro becomes an intelligent multichannel announcement device. Using voice messages recorded on the fly, or also pre-recorded announcements, many callers can be informed at the same time.

Hotline Function: In a similar way, the server can be called from the outside to give access to a live broadcast, e.g. of an ongoing conference or other event.

Info Material
DAKS application Info Telephone product info flyer
Info Telephone
Product Info Flyer
The Application 'Info Telephone' can be ordered for DAKSpro.
Realize a citizen´s hotline with DAKS
Info Telephone
Product Video
Areas of Use
DAKSpro supports caregivers under stress

Retrieve last broadcast call as announcement and display text

Citizens Hotline with DAKSpro

Constantly updated messages notify concerned citizens of incidents and protective measures being taken

Never miss a broadcast call with DAKSpro

Listen to the most recent broadcasts

Dialog-based announcements lead to desired information

Lead to desired information with dialog-based announcements

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DAKSpro Application Modules
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