Alerting for standard applications

The DAKSeco Complete System

Implement your standard alarm applications simply and effectively. Use popular extensions to adapt DAKSeco perfectly to your requirements.
Optimized for the needs of small to medium-sized organizations:
Small hospitals
Retirement and nursing homes
Small to medium-sized
industrial companies
Small utility plants
(e.g., sewage treatment plants)
Hotels and amusement parks
Event facilities
(e.g., cinemas, theaters and stadiums)
Public facilities
(e.g., authorities or schools)
Malls and department stores
... and others

This is included in the DAKSeco Complete System

always included
Provide targeted information to individuals or groups – simultaneously or sequentially and via various means of communication
Convene conference calls, significantly speed up communication and decision-making processes
User interface
Conveniently administer application settings and call up process logs with the browser-based user interface


Easily integrate existing sensors into alarm processes via Node-RED and delve into Industry 4.0


View/hear location information in the alarm message transmitted via DECT/WLAN and know where help is needed

Alerting via Smartphone

Start broadcast calls or conferences directly from the app, send or receive alarms
Alerting via smartphone

Alerting on the Desktop

Raise an alarm intuitively and unobtrusively directly on the desktop, inform colleagues and the security service, get help quickly
Alerting on the desktop

Typical application examples

The 911 Call – Help Fast and Effectively after Occupational Accidents

Effectively coordinate first aid and further safety measures even before the emergency physician arrives

Staying Confident in Case of Fire with DAKS and Fire Alarm Systems

Safe processes, effective coordination, less damage thanks to automated emergency processes

Always Safe in the Elevator with DAKS and the Self-Checking Elevator Emergency Call

Answer emergency calls reliably and automate emergency processes | Digitalization in Facility Management

Preventing Violence and Protecting Employees in the Workplace with 'Silent Alarm'

Reduce stress, avert conflicts, protect employees | Unobtrusively raise alarm in Public Service

Unburdening Nurses: Distribution of Nurse Calls

How the connection to nurse call systems makes the nursing profession more attractive again

Design IoT Workflows in Nursing More Securely

Effective and aecure handover of IoT data to humans: Connect and control communication processes with Node-RED

Fulfill Guests' Wishes in Hotels Effectively

Route service orders to your staff in a targeted manner and receive feedback on the process status

Evacuate Hotel Guests Orderly and Effectively

More security for guests: Automated alarming and effective evacuation support
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